Friday, October 20, 2006

I too know what it feels like to be thirsty..

God I hate when I get INSANELY thirsty right before I go to bed. I get so damn thirsty that when I go to take a drink of would think it tasted like kool-aid and I was 5 years old. Seriously, I totally guzzle it. Then go for another glass. And another..

Then I'm up half the night emptying my bladder. It's lovely.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate October 19th? No? Well I do. I am glad that it is now past midnight and it's the 20th. I think I did that on purpose, but on accident the same time. Weird huh?

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TC said...

Know exactly what you mean, must be from a salty dinner or something, for I'm a water/Gatorade guzzler at night as well. Feels like I'm the loser at some frat drinking party game. Chug chug chug!