Monday, October 23, 2006


There are few things that are bothering me right now. This isn't the place to elaborate into it though, so I'll have to leave it at that.

Anyway, here's a mini-update on me:

For those of you wondering what ever came of the job at the Childrens Home - I never turned in my application, mainly because I needed to have a copy of my NY State driver's license with it. I don't have one is the point here. So, while waiting on the necessary paper work to transfer my license from Missouri, I decided to nix the small-time jobs and start taking classes online toward my bachelors degree. Right now I am waiting on some financial stuff to fall in line. The government offers a Stafford loan that you don't have to start making payments on until after you have your degree, so that's one of my only options. My dilemma is choosing my major. Part of me wants to choose something I love; i.e Photography, Graphic Design, Web Developer, the Fine Arts...

But the other part of me wants to stay safe and get a degree in something that I know will pay off as soon as I get a degree. Something technical like Network Management, like my husband, or something in education, because I like working with kids. I really don't know. But I need to figure it out with a quickness!

Besides that, things over here are ok. Yes..just "ok". I miss Andrew, but that's a given I guess. It would just be nice to wake up next too someone, or be able to cook for him, or talk to him..etc, etc.

Hope you've enjoyed my mini-update! Have a good night all.

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Anonymous said...

I so admire your drive to get your degree. I'm only like 20 hours from mine, which when you look at it from how much you have to go through to begin with, that's not a ton. But Seth keeps me busy enough that I just don't think I could do it right now. And before long, there will probably be more little munchkins running around. Yeah! Maybe someday when Damon has hours that would cooperate with a school schedule? Seriously though, good for you. I'm happy things are going well for you and the girls. The pictures look great...I'm so jealous about the camera! I love to take pictures of nature too. I can only imagine how you must feel being without Andrew. I damn near have a melt down whenever Damon goes on 2nd shift once a month!!! It must be're such a strong person. Hope whatever is bothering you gets better. Knowing you, you'll find some way to turn it positive! Lots of love!