Friday, July 07, 2006

Good News & Bad News

Wow! Finally an update!! Sorry for the delay, I've just really had my hands full.

The cottage at Cape Vincent wasn't too bad, it wasn't too great either though. It heated up like the inside of an oven, even though outside it was nice..maybe it needed better insulation or something. But anyway, it was great for the price, and it was right across the street from the St. Lawrence River, so it had an awesome and peaceful setting, not too mention the towns people were unbelievably nice. We fell in love with Cape Vincent real quick actually. There was a house there that we were going to look into buying and everything.

Then came the day Andrew came home from work (about 4 days after we arrived in Cape Vincent) and asked me to come outside to look at the water..although when he said it I knew better..something about the tone in his voice. I could tell he just wanted to tell me something without the kids around.

Of course when that happens it's usually not good news, and this time was no exception. He had found out that afternoon that he would be shipping out for
Afghanistan in about 3 weeks. His eyes had tears in them when he told me...

So of course it tore me up pretty bad. So much for some normalcy in life. We will have him for about 2 months again, and then have to say good bye yet again. What really sucks is that these haven't even been a normal 2 months. It's been full of moving and sleeping everywhere else but our bed. Ah well...I will just hang my head on the subject for now.

We did get lucky and we came right up on the housing list though. We were spoiled at Fort Riley, so the new place isn't near as nice and as well built, but it's not too bad either. They look a lot like the townhouse we used to live in, except we have people living above us now. We didn't used to have to worry about our neighbors because we were on the end, and none of our walls were even shared with the people next to us, so I could blast some music without a care. The family that lives above us is really really cool though. Her husband is in Afghanistan right now too. Andrew might actually be working right next door to him..her husband is a W-3 (Warrant Officer 3). Anyway, she's very nice, and we have a lot in common I think, and so far it's been great. I will have a nice ally once Andrew is gone. Russ Ann (that's her name) also has a 10 yr old & a one year old, both girls. So her daughter and Taylor have hit it off real nice. Taylor is one of those people that makes making friends look real easy. It's hard to find someone that doesn't like her. Her one year old is just as cute as can be too..we got real lucky to have such awesome neighbors.

Anyway, we were at our new place in Carthage, New York, for about a week before our stuff could be was all just delivered WED of this week. I was buried in boxes until late last night. Most all of them have been emptied, and now it's just a matter of putting everything in it's place. Right now it's just a little cluttered, but by tonight it should be looking pretty nice. One thing about our new place is that it has a lot more room then our old one. We have a HUGE master bedroom and a really roomy living room. We have really big furniture and an even larger entertainment it works out real nice.

The movers lost our bed frame (I know! How in the hell do you lose a bed frame?!) but it worked out all right. We went and got a head board and foot board and before we didn't have either, so it looks really cool. Before our stuff came we went to Walmart to buy a smaller desk than we had before because it was HUGE, and it's going to be in our bedroom here, so we needed a smaller one..anywho..we got a decent sized one that wasn't so big, and also ended up getting matching side tables (that double as filing cabinets if you wanted them too) and a matching dresser. Our bedroom looks really cool with everything, we've never had matching side tables and stuff..and they blend in real well with the head board. All for under $400, and for a bedroom set, you can't beat that. Good quality sturdy stuff too :) When we get everything up on the walls I will have to take a pic and post it.

We also painted the girls rooms while we were waiting for our stuff. Taylor's room is "icewater" blue to match an electric blue comforter she got for her birthday. It's pretty wild, but looks pretty hip and young. Her windows have white and black sheer's cool.

Audreys room is a pretty pastel green color. I put a bamboo roman shade up in her window, and we painted her daybed that my mother in law gave us white..before it was black. So everything looks very fresh and spring like in her room. It's cute.

Anyway I don't know why I went into all the decorating stuff, but I did. You can deal, right? ;)

Right now I am stealing someone's unsecured wireless network and using the laptop. (shhhhh!) it takes the cable company out here FOREVER to come turn on your stuff. They won't be out until the 18th, so for now this is working. I'm beyond happy that I'm able to get online and didn't have to wait another 3 weeks. I haven't had much time to sit on here much, but it's nice to know the option is out here, ya know?!

OK, I better get going and get the ball rolling. I've missed blogging and getting my thoughts down, so I'm glad to be back :)

I will try my best to not dwell on Andrews deployment and write a whole bunch of depressing posts. It's best to focus on the positive things I suppose..there are plenty of those around too.

More tomorrow! And maybe some pics :) Hopefully I haven't lost all my readers!


Sarah said...

Don't worry, you didn't lose me!! I'm still here!!

So glad you are back, for now. Stealing Internet! tisk tisk....

Sorry about your hubby having take off again... I feel bad for you. My cousin's hubby is going off to Afghanistan in a few weeks too. I don't know for how long though... I can't imagine living without my hubby for weeks or months. That would really take the life right out of me.

Just don't get lonely babe and keep looking at the positives!! I'm here for ya!!

Tons of love,

Sarah said...
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DaMan!! said...

Glad to hear from you sis!! Sorry to hear about Andrew but I know that you are very strong and will make the best of it all. I will try to write you an email soon. Also did you get my emails I sent you with the pictures? Talk to you soon sis! Love ya! Damon

ksboy50 said...

Hey good to see u up and runing. I will be trying to call later but thought since I was here I'd leave a comment. Love ya!!!

deawn said...


poody said...

Hey glad you got all settled in. the place sounds nice and I can't wait to see your pics. I too have been busy with the house. I am remodeling the kitchen/living room area. I am so tired of having all my stuff shoved up against the wall and covered with tarp. I am sorry about Andrew. When he does get deployed let me know his address. I would love to send him care packages!! Keep in touch toots. How did the weenie fare the trip?