Thursday, June 22, 2006

Niagara Falls

Tuesday night we ended up in Medina, Ohio...which was a beautiful town, actually all of Ohio was really nice, way nicer than expected. Unfortunately though we ended up in a really really crappy old hotel. It was pretty run down, but Andrew judged it off of it's lobby area and thought the room's couldn't be that bad. Too bad he was wrong! hehe

Anyway they didn't have internet there so I couldn't really log on to make an update.

We got up and moving pretty early Wednesday though and were on the road by about 1pm yesterday we arrived in NIAGARA FALLS, NY :) Andrew got a government rate on a hotel that is right across the street from the park, and they accepted dogs so we stayed here for the night.

Yesterday was a busy busy day, but so much fun. This place is awesome. I have some great pics but I can't find my USB cable to upload them to the laptop (grrr)..I will buy a new one real soon though. I can't wait to post some pictures!!!! I'm also missing my cell phone it officially died last night. :(

We are running a little slow this morning (I'm the only one up so far..and it's almost 9) but as soon as we get ready and check-out we are on our way to our final stretch of this trip -- Cape Vincent, NY. I can' wait to finally drop our bags for longer than one night!! The only problem with the cottage is that it doesn't have cable..I don't think. So getting on the internet might be hard. The lady there said we could call and hook up our own cable, but we have to see about the costs of that first. Dial-up may be an option though...we will just have to get there and then figure it out. So if you don't hear from me in a few days...that's whats up.

Oh, and if I sound a little out of it..I probably am. I don't think I'm ready to be awake yet! I can't wait for this weekend, maybe I can sleep in past 9am. That would be a treat!


deawn said...

It was good to hear your voice last night, you seem so happy. Going to miss you so much but I will be up there next summer, I hope. Keep in touch, and Big brother is coming soon. Don't forget to vote.

Glenda said...

Same here sis! Sorry my phone died..I was pissed. I was still talking for a few minutes before I even realized it!!! I just thought maybe you were being quiet or something, haha.

And don't worry...I'm voting!! I CANNOT wait for the new season of Big Brother. (hehe..we are such dorks!!)

Liz said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. Can't wait to see the pictures. Especially of the crappy hotel. lol