Friday, May 05, 2006

I don't feel like having a title

Oh, and I'm also really pissed at the weather around me lately. It's freaking cold, and as far as I'm concerned ole mother nature gave up her right to be chilly about 3 weeks ago. I want some sun and I NEED some heat. (other than what my furnace can provide)

Also, my mom thinks she's clever, yesterday I got 2 bills in the mail from recent visits she's made to the hospital. They had her name on them C/O my name. WTF is that all about?? Hopefully it doesn't mean they expect me to pay anything. I don't see how she owes anything anyway seeing as the government already takes all of her social security, but on the bill it showed Medicare paying their part, and Medicaid paying theirs, and there was still $600 left over for her to pay.

Things like this make me glad I am moving soon, and happy that she won't know my address. I know this sounds pretty harsh, but if you'd of walked a mile in my shoes and knew what it was like dealing with her, you might come closer to understanding why I've finally drawn the line with her. It was her mistake to say she didn't have a daughter, and my fortune. I'm sure she thought it was ok for her to say that, and then later she could take it back and everything would be the same, but she can't and it's not, every one has a line somewhere, and she just happened to have crossed mine over 15 years ago. I've finally asserted myself for my own emotional well being, and I'm not about to let her drain the life out of me again.

There really is no pleasing her anyway, so regardless, it's futile.

Anyway, I think tonight calls for some comforting Chinese food. Maybe it will pick up my declining mood. Cross your fingers for me!


Sarah said...

I don't judge you!! And I don't blame you for being happy that your mother won't know your address once you move. I know EXACTLY how you feel! I am hoping that soon, I will be able to do that same thing. Good for you for sticking to your guns. Don't let her manipulate you by her actions. Don't have guilt. You have done NOTHING wrong!

I was actually going to ask you a few days ago how things were going with your mother... Must have sensed there was something coming!

I would write return to sender on the bills and drop them back in the mail. They will go back to the hospital or something... who cares. Just get them out of your life! I can't believe she would do that to you... Typical BPD behavior.

You are going to do fine. Don't stress out about this. And don't stress out about Mother's Day like I am!! Eeeek! You probably are in the habit of not acknowledging Mother's Day at this point. This will only be my second year of ignoring Mother's Day....

Josh said...

I know how it is to have a messed up mother. People with normal ones tend to judge you. Hope you make it though it.

Also, that picture is adorable.

Anonymous said...

im sorry glenda!! on top of everything thats goin on that u have to deal with this whole thing with your mother. but you seem alot stronger about it now than you used to or at least from what i've seen. so im proud of u. sarah's right, you didnt do anything wrong so have no guilt and soon she wont know your address and it'll be up to you if u want to keep in touch with her.

poody said...

Well, you know how I feel about my dear MOM. And just so ya know Medicare pays 80% of the bill and the patient is responsible for the other 20% but it is usually waived by the facility. Don't sweat it. Sounds like a guilt trip to me. Hang tough. I wish I lived closer,you could stay with me till you got a place or at the very least the dogs could stay here:)