Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Border Patrol

You know, I've been trying to stay away from this immigration debate since it started..honestly..biting my tongue the whole time.

But let me just volunteer a few facts.

The National Guard is over-extended as it is. I wouldn't have any gripes if their only mission were to patrol the border, but the reality is that a lot of these soldiers have served in Iraq already, and have mobilized thousands of miles away from their homes, either waiting to go to Iraq, or helping to take the place of those who are there already. Here at Fort Riley, they are building a whole new part of post, specifically designed for National guard, and Reserve Soldiers. Building barracks for them and the like. They run this post while active duty soldiers are deployed, they don't have transportation, they are shuttled around in buses, and most of them live in hangars or in make shift tents. These are people that had decent jobs, making as much and most of the time ABOVE what the Army offers. But yeah, they signed up for this, always knew the risk..so who cares?

I do.

I think my husband has it bad - But these guys have it worse. They have families, but they are not on any army base, they are among any small town. No ounce of support. If you are a military spouse, the only person who can truly relate to you is another Army spouse, and the majority of your National guard/Reserve spouses are without any support group, and trust me, it's essential.

So you have these guys out there, for over a year, most of the time more, with wives at home..Sacrificing the pay cut, spouses, worrying day after day of the security of their husband..and if that's not bad enough, once they get back from Iraq, lets keep them at a base..let's keep them mobilized hours and hours away from where they live until we are sure we have no use for them...but OH WAIT. Oh yes..WE DO NEED YOU.

Go patrol the borders now.



F*ck your spouse.

F*ck your family.

GO Monkey.

We need you there now.

We need you to divert the attention of what's really at hand.

Instead of focusing on where the solution really lies, penalizing these corporate companies that allow illegal immigrants to work for them, only to line their own fat f*cking pockets and keep minimum wage down and keep it at a standstill...let's ignore that...let's try OUR BEST to DIVERT the attention back to where it's benefits my greedy politician pockets so they can keep getting fatter and fatter.

The Bush administration doesn't give a flying F about our soldiers. They only care about the bottom line, and this bottom line only concerns their welfare, and not your average American citizen...and I'll be damned if this isn't really pissing me off.

See why I was biting my tongue?

It's sooo not pleasant, but I couldn't help it anymore.

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poody said...

I so hate Bush for everything. I have even started blaming the hurricanes and the breakup between me and my boyfriend on him. LOL I have never been a supporter of the war. I feel so bad for the soldiers over there. And for their families back home. I mean, what exactly are we fighting for? Our freedom? Our right to take care of our families and have a better life well isn't that what these illegal immigrants are trying to do? The city I live in is a safe city and always has been. For that I am glad.I have been to Mexico and believe me if you lived there you would get out too.That is my soap box speech.Never judge anyone until you walk a mile in their shoes. I resent the fact that Bush says anyone who opposes the war is disrespecting our troops. I do not disrespect them at all. They have to go where the leader tells them to go. They are all just trying to make it home.