Friday, May 12, 2006


Instead of doing what I should have been doing and responding to peoples emails, I choose to do this. I know, I suck. But trust me you are not alone. Lot's of people are waiting for me to show signs of life via email..

My template kicks ass though, right??

Yeah, ok. First thing tomorrow afternoon, Glenda will sit down and respond to emails. Hopefully I still have people to respond too, and they haven't all ran off and joined each other on a hunt for my rude (but cute!) ass. Eeeek.



Liz said...

Love the template! Very cool.

Andrew said...

The template is great, but I wonder have you finally cracked; Andrew refers to himself in the third person too, and you know what people say about that...

You want to put a song on the site, put "Warhead" by Otep(, you can get all sorts of fired up over the current world situation and get a good "Glenda G" rant going just by studying the lyrics. Not for the weak at heart, stomach or mind. A little metal influence would be very fitting of your new look too. Ich liebe dich mein schatz, tschuss!

Glenda said...

Ich liebe dich auch liebchen :)