Saturday, March 11, 2006

Night terrors?

I had the strangest dreams last night. At one point I woke up in a panic because I could have swore I heard my front door open and someone coming up the steps. And when I say panic, I mean panic, I didn't move a muscle but I was in a cold sweat and my heart was about to explode. It was just plain awful.

Then when I finally got back to sleep I dreamt about visiting the nursing home where my mom is at, except I was trying to hide from her, but at the same time I was insisting someone clean out her kennel.

Yes, I said kennel. Oh god..and it was so filthy. I can't even begin to describe what I saw.

It gets worse too - then she comes out of her room and I turn around and head as quick as I can in the other direction which just happens to be into a kitchen in an old house of ours. She follows me and just starts talking, like she knows I'm there, and out of all things to talk about...she starts talking about my blog and how she doesn't like one of the links I have on it, and some other BS. This totally freaks me out of course, because she wasn't telling me about all that for nothing..she was saying it to get the point across..her point being, she was watching me. The look in her eye, it was pure evil.

Ugggg. I hate insane dreams.


Dwain said...

When you dream you really dream don't you. Sounds as if your brain is active even when you sleep. But keep on thing in mind. IT WAS JUST A DREAM, NOTHING ELSE! No meaning or anything like that.

poody said...

Sounds like you have something else on your mind. I have strange dreams sometimes too. I once lived in a high rise on the 20th floor and I had a dream someone was breaking in and I had to go hide out on the balcony. One night I was asleep when my then boyfriend was working night shift. I have a slider in my bedroom and I heard that door creak open and I slid out of bed grabbed the bat under my bed and swung narrowly missing his head by centimeters. He screamed and I cussed and peed myself!! Now that I am alonr my big dogs sleep on either side of my bed.

Glenda said...

I try to remind myself of the fact that I do have 2 dogs, and if anyone were to come in they would surely bark and let me know.

For some reason at 3 am, my mind doesn't catch up so quick.

I don't know whats up with my dreams lately! I used to have some really good ones..and when I say yeah..they were good, hehe. Now it's nothing but paranioa.

Oh, and I'm glad you ran into me in "blog space" Mary :) My name is Glenda.