Wednesday, March 08, 2006

1st anti-smoking rant of the year ;)

I wrote this rant about a month ago after watching a segment on The View one morning. I've been back and forth about posting it because I didn't want to seem like I was preaching or anything. Then I read Gabe's Blog (my sisters fiance) and read that he was trying to quit smoking and it reminded me of what I wrote, and made me want to share it.

So here it is, and it's not here to preach, or give guilt trips, or to judge anyone, because in the end it doesn't really matter what I think. Mainly it's here to share some facts that even I wasn't aware of...

"There was a doctor on "The View" today that was talking about the recent developments of breast cancer research, and that's it's very possible that if you have a young baby girl today, that she will never have to worry about the threat of breast cancer. Which is just awesome if you think about it.

He then went into how your health habits play a big part in your chances of getting any disease. Then he got around to smoking and he said this:

"Do smoker's know that over half of them will die from smoking?"

"Do smoker's know that 1/3 of the worlds death population is directly related to smoking?"

He said most people think of the damage from smoking as cumulative, like some people who say that they will just smoke until they get out of college, it's something to get them through for the moment. But he said the hard fact is that every cigarette you smoke is like playing Russian roulette. It only takes one to kill you. He said that's why he sees people all the time that are surprised to hear they have lung cancer, because they don't smoke and haven't for 15 years, and only did for about 5 years when they were younger.

He said all it takes is lighting up ONE cigarette for the chemicals to get in your system and mutate, so every time you light up, your gambling with your life.

He was passionate about it, he was serious about it...and for heaven sakes I wish some smokers I know would just listen and stop.

I think it's all cool for someone to say...ahhh what the hell...gotta die someday. But, I can guarantee you that you will not be as passive when you die of a cruel disease that breaks you down little by little. Or when your struggling for each breath you take and slowly suffocating. I doubt then, that smokers would have the same "happy go lucky" outlook.

I really try not to be someone who preaches beliefs on other people, and depending how you look at this it could be considered preaching...but it really is just true concern and love for those I know that smoke, because I love them...and I don't want to EVER live to see someone I love die from smoking again. I know that's a lot to ask out of the world, and probably will not be possible, but meanwhile, I can hope for the best, and hope that if even one person I know puts down the cancer sticks I've helped in some way.

Ok..and that's my smoking rant for this half of the year. Hopefully I can refrain until at least the next around October -- the 19th to be exact...2 years from the day my dad died, and how I was somewhat relieved to hear he passed because FINALLY his suffering was over.

Until then..I will just hope for the best."


deawn said...

Hey sis, I am trying to quit. It's really hard when Gabe is being so mean to me and says that he has the right to cause he stopped smoking. I am very proud of him but I'm so upset with him right now I have no desire to stop smoking now.

Glenda said...

Quitting smoking doesn't give him "the right" to do anything. So I don't agree with that either, it's an excuse, and if he's has the strength to quit smoking I would imagine if he really wanted too, he could control his emotions around you as well.

So tell him to stop his whining, and stop being an ass ;) Seriously.

poody said...

I agree with you. I am a nurse and used to work in the recovery unit. We did the preops too and it amazed me to find one day that a patient I had quit smoking 30 yrs ago and when they biopsied his kidney there was nicotine traces still there. Just lurking around. Here in Austin we have a no smoking in all public places including bars which has been a blessed relief. I hate going out to hear some good music and then coming home at 3am only to have to shower so your pillow doesn't smell like smoke when you wake up. YUK. I have never had a boyfriend that smokes because it would be like kissing an ashtray. If they only knew how bad they stink they would not smoke as much I bet. My sister smokes and she needs to quit but I used to smoke too and I know that you quit when you are ready and it was very hard for me and I was just a social smoker.

Glenda said...

Thats very true, if your not really ready to give it won't. You'll look for every excuse in the book why you can't quit today..or this week..or maybe in a month I'll try again...etc etc..

I've heard of people getting clean and off drugs, crack even, and smoking being the one habit they still couldn't kick. So I know it's no easy feat, but I also feel that the sooner you quit, the better.

I'm not near as concerned with older people smoking, it's the younger kids that start that just kill me. It makes me frustrated and sad, because I can see where it's headed, but they are in denial, and like to think they have every thing figured out.

When my dad started smoking he was 11 yrs old! But back in those days, noone knew of the risk, they thought it was good for them even, so to that effect, it's hard to really blame them for picking up a strong habit.

Now days the damn things come with warning labels...and not nice and pretty ones either. To me, that's just plain ignorant, to pick up a habit knowing full well it's going no where but down hill.

I'm sounding bitter now I better stop, haha. Plus I've turned this into a forum and not a comment. ;)

TC said...

I've done lots of drugs, legal and illegal, in my past and nicotene is by far the worst in terms of addiction. Most people start around 15 or so, but I didn't start until I was about 23 or 24. A smoker friend of mine pleaded with me not to start in earnest. Not having an addictive personality, I scoffed. Just another drug I thought. Riiiiight.
So now I keep starting and quitting, off and on. The biggest reason I want to quit isn't the health issue (should be #1), or the money I would save, but simply the INCONVIENCE of it all. I have walked country miles, gone thru and back security checkpoints in airports, missed out on good times at events I'd be at to go outside...all for my fix.

Dwain said...

You know I know you are right, but I also believe before we are even born how we are going to die is already planned. Did you hear Superman's (Christopher Reevse) wife never smoked in her life and died form lung cancer? I have been around awhile and seen people in there 90's still smoking and die from old age. I guess you can say I don't believe everything the doctors say. Because some die and some don't and some that don't even smoke die from it.
Now I understand why you feel like you do and you only say something because you care not only for those you love, but all people. In that way you are like my mom. She just cared about people in general.
I know I should quit and even want to sometimes, but at my age and how long I have already smoke has done the damage it is going to do. I agree about young people, as if I knew back then what I know now I would not have started in the first place. But like life is can't go back in time. If I could I would not only not smoke but be a man and put my children first in my life believe me.

Glenda said...

We are all just here waiting to die, I'm not sure about the "why and when" being pre-determined though. I think it's all luck of the draw.

Smoking increases your chances of dying a certain way. And your right, it doesn't always gaurantee it..but the increased chance is a big one.

And as far as you not quitting because you've smoked so long, so what the hell... I totally understand.

BUT (there's always a but, hehe)

My dad knew he had mild emphasema for a good 10 yrs before it really started to show signs, yet he kept smoking. He didn't quit until he nearly died in the hospital from phemonia, and a doctor told him that if he didn't want his next visit to the hospital to be his last, he should quit.

He did, and he lived for almost 5 years after got worse..but more slowly than it would have.

This actually wasn't the best thing, because his quality of life was still down the tube, so basically he just suffered longer....

I always thought that had he just stopped when he first heard he had emphasema, he could have been around for so much longer, instead he had to wait until he was really sick to decide to stop.

So if you ever find yourself in that boat..stop before it really starts getting in the way of your life, and your short of breath over the tiniest things. It will pay off.

Lung cancer is a whole other story.

And I know his wife never smoked, but thats not to say it couldn't have been caused by even second hand smoke (which they say is worse) but thats just a possibility, any kind of cancer is just so random with it's victims sometimes, it seems to be one of those things that none of us can prevent no matter how well we take care of ourselves.

Dwain said...

I promise if I am told its stop or die, I will stop. Not just because I love you but would like to see my grand children grown too. And also got to stay around and take care of Barb if she should ever need it, she is my sweetie! :)

Glenda said...

Well by the time the doctor is telling you that, it's too late..

If a doctor tells you that you have emphasema, thats the time to quit. My dad waited until he was really struggling..and at that point he should have kept on, he wouldn't have suffered so long.

I dunno..just my opinion.

Dwain said...

Not always as my brother Harry was told that about ten years ago and he quit and still here with us.

I also had a uncle that had emphasema and he quit so he would live longer and live only two weeks after. Can't help wondering if he would have if he had known that.

Good news thought, all this has got me to thinking so keep it up!
You might just make a non-smoker of me yet.:)

Glenda said...

Andrews grandma has had it for a long time now too, and she's 80 something, and still smokes. It's progressing, but not nearly as quick as it did with my dad. For the most part she's fine.

So to an extent, it is a gamble..but why gamble with your life?

I was born to let's go..hehe.

Dwain said...

Life it self is a gamble isn't it? I mean anything could happen to any of us without warning. Barb's mom lives life in fear of everything. to me that is a sad way to live. I choose to live life freely, no fear of what might happen, and deal with what does happen. But today I choose not to let anything put me down. Words, past or people in general. Because I've seen the bad side of people and things and also the good. I choose to think about good and let bad alone. My faith is what keeps me going forward, don't ever what to go backwards again in my life.But like I said, smoking is something I would prefer to live without, and maybe one day I will. But like you said, I have to make that decision, no one can make it for me. But also like I said don't give up, cause you are pushing in the right dirrection.

Glenda said...

Life is a big gamble..

But your talking about a serious high stakes game, considering the product your gambling with!


And that's just whats in the smoke; there are over 500 additives in the tobacco itself, and none of them are nice either.

A few other facts..

-In 1989, millions of cases of imported fruit were banned after a small amount of cyanide was found in just two grapes. There’s 33 times MORE cyanide in a single cigarette.

-Tobacco kills more Americans than auto accidents, homicide, AIDS, drugs and fire COMBINED.

And if that's not enough...

- Consider the extreme corporate corruption that is going on, just so YOU can line THIER pockets with more cash. The impact of nicotine is jacked up because tobacco companies add ammonia to cigarettes. They have to keep you hooked right? Ruthless no? Also, the tobacco industry increased its spending on advertisements and promotions by $2.7 billion between 2002 and 2003 - you make up for all the customers who quit; they have to recruit the young naive ones in for failure of a loss in profit margin.

Companies like Phillip Morris know damn well they sell a product that kills people, but out of GREED and greed alone they just come up with more ways to push it, they add stuff to it to make you want it/need it even more and make it suck even worse when you do try and quit..because they want thier billion dollar vacation homes, and 10 cars, and to dawn lavish jewlery on their wifes..basically to live like kings. All at your expense, - They give a rats ass about you.

You are thier pawn.

"Money is the root of all evil" and the tobacco industry helps prove that old saying quite well don't you think?

So by all means..gamble..but know they (the tobacco companies) will ALWAYS win. Because whether your one of the million who die from it, or your lucky enough to be one of those that can smoke until they die of old age...

It's all good, cause they still have your money, and that's what counts.

Glenda said...

Other facts that I got off of (feel free to check it out)

Every 8 seconds, someone in the world dies from a smoking-related disease.

In the U.S., about 440,000 people die a tobacco-related death every year.

About 90% of lung cancer deaths among women who continue to smoke are tobacco related.

Because of the tobacco industry’s products, about 339 people in the U.S. die of lung cancer every day

On its website, one tobacco company lists “cancer services” as one of the community programs they support. Yet they continue to make a product that leads to 339 deaths from lung cancer each day.

By the year 2020, tobacco is projected to kill about 10 million people a year worldwide.

In the U.S., about 50,000 people die each year from secondhand-smoke-related disease.

Every year, cigarettes leave about 12,000 kids motherless and 31,000 kids fatherless

The list goes on really..but here's the one that really counts:

Cigarette smoking is the number one cause of preventable death in the U.S.

And you can say it's all a bunch of hype, but the people who research these facts make no money from then it's about who you trust -

The people who are just out for your money?

Or the people just out there to educate, inform, and help you?

Dwain said...

You go girl!!