Tuesday, February 07, 2006

10 Weird Things About Glenda

1. I love cold soup right out of the can
(I like most food better cold actually)

2. I love the smell of Pinesol
(almost obsessively)

3. If I plan on drinking at night, I have to clean my house from top to bottom before I even sit down with a drink

4. I bite my lip a lot

5. I wake myself up at night from grinding my teeth so hard
(not all the time - I usually have to be really tired, or very stressed)

6. I think balloons are scary
(blown up..I mean, they could pop at any minute! eek)

7. If I'm just laying down watching TV or whatever, I can't stop moving my big toe
(on my right foot)

8. I'm obsessive about germs, dust mites, and hand washing

9. I can be rockin out to TOOL one minute...and Hanson the next
(seriously)(what can I say..I like ALL music, hehe)

10. I hate gossip
(and for most women, that's weird - it's one of the few things I can actually say I hate)

Hmmm...I could totally go on -- that's not good ;)

Anyone feel like sharing something weird about yourself??

Come on..I did it.
I know I'm strange - and damn proud of it! Hehe


Anonymous said...

I could have a long list of the werid things I do too, like I love to eat mac and cheese with applesauce, yummmmmmmmmmm deawn

Anonymous said...

i like to sneak onto golf courses at night and make sculptures of people in the sand traps. uhhh i also eat most things that arent sweet with ranch dressing. I love the smell of gasoline.

Glenda said...

Well, I kinda like the smell of gas too...but golf courses at night, and applesauce and mac & cheese?? Hmmmmmm

I love this! - I'm finding out people have even stranger habits than me :)

Amd I thought I was the weird one - hehe