Thursday, February 09, 2006


God...I'm so in love. I have a new girlfriend - she rocks with the cutest socks - just how I like em. hehe.

Well ok, she doesn't know she's my girlfriend - I just found out about her a few days ago, and since then I've been obsessed.

Her name is Leona Naess, and she has 3 albums and has a 4th one coming out soon. I'm liking her as much as I've always liked Fiona Apple, and trust me, that says a lot :) She's not quite as angst ridden as Fiona. Her music relaxes me, and really makes me want to paint. I'm not sure many guys out there would care for her..but that's ok, I don't really want to share her with you anyway, haha. (if you visit my link for my "Myspace" - I have her playing on my page over there)

Oh yeah, so for all of you out there that didn't know I was officially putting my creativity down in the acrylic form, you know now. :)

It's something I've always wanted to do, just because I thought it sounded like a good outlet, and fun. I'm a master procrastinator though, so it's taken a while. As you might have guessed, I like the abstract...

Today I finished my second painting that's blessed with my initials, haha. There's a big difference between the first one because I learned the value of a good quality paint vs the stuff you can buy at Walmart. Good paint brushes make a huge difference too.

Anyway, so I'm real proud of this one. You can tell I'm not "trained" in the art, but it turned out pretty well for a girl who's only got 2 under her belt so far.

Leona definitely helped my flow too, so I owe her one. :)

I call it "Warmth Transcends" -- because the "sea" is deep and obscured, with few highlights, but from it transcends a warmth that could only be created from such a dim, yet humbled beginning.


deawn said...

I love your painting, I want one, I want one, lol

The Masked Stranger said...

how much?

Glenda said...

How much?? Good question ;)