Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My advice

There are "highs" in life and "lows" in life - I don't understand why the distinction between them has to be so DAMN harsh.

One minute your flying high, the next.... your road kill. Is there an "in-between?" -- only seems fair. Or maybe we choose to ignore the descent? If we do, I don't think we do conscientiously..who in their right mind would ask for that? Not me.

Ultimately I think we all leave ourselves open for such falls--which means you only have yourself to blame in the end. You're the one who climbed the mountain so high, noone else had a part in it, it was all you. People can only let you down when you choose to put them up so high.

The choice is ultimately yours.

My advice? Only expect things out of yourself. When people underestimate you...don't feel the need to prove a damn thing, they will learn on their own - leave them to be the ones that are disappointed.

Make them work their way up -- don't put anyone up "there" and watch them crawl down. That's like watching the Titanic sink and all the while thinking it had an honest chance.

Screw that.

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