Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Demise of Ernie

After researching a little on the right kind of habitat for "ernie," I quickly figured out it was going to be way too much trouble for the time being. Even if I did take all the time and money to set up an aquarium the proper way, the fact remains that I'm moving in less than 4 months, and taking a 21 hour road trip...or at the very least a 8 hr road trip. There's a small chance we won't be going to NY if there's a position for Andrew available somewhere else...he won't know about that until mid Feb. though.

Regardless...moving, road trips, and turtles isn't the best equation. :( Being rational is absolutely NO FUN!


The Masked Stranger said...

if i ever get a turtle, i'll name it Ernie for ya.

Glenda said...

awww....promise? :)

Deawn said...

thats so cool you want a turtle, maybe you can get one after you move. I am back at work, so busy, email me and i will try to email back