Saturday, January 14, 2006

Better late than never?

Yesterday I recieved my first comment EVER from my dear husband, Andrew.
Refer to: LIFE IS GOOD

He asked if I was "impressed" that he was reading my blog.

Hmmm. Considering it took you almost a year to show some interest in what your wife was telling the's almost insulting. But surprising too, and just makes me want to say: It's about f*cking time!!

Sarcasm aside, if he were to show a little more interest in ME, it might really mean a world of difference. Cause it's one thing to hear from other people that they think your interesting and cool, and it's another to hear it from the one you live with. (even though we are more apart than together lately!) It doesn't matter how much I hear it from the outside, if the person I'm living with doesn't confirm it, it's easy to think that everyone else only says that because "they don't know the real me" - or that it's all just an illusion.

So in many ways....I'm thrilled, and in other ways, it makes me nervous. Does that make any sense?

One more thing before I end this entry -

I'm not sure I can, but if I could, I would totally change the name of my site address. When I started blogging I really did feel "locked up" - inside myself, finding it hard to express things. This blog has really helped that though, so it's not really appropriate anymore. Isn't that great!?!? I think it is. I've made progress...and didn't even have to pay a professional. heh

Thumbs up for Glenda :)

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