Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Life is good

It's lunchtime and I'm sitting here enjoying what seems to be the best salad ever - it's a "lettuce trio" that features romaine, iceberg, and greenleaf lettuce, topped with some garlic italian dressing I made, and a smidget of shredded cheese. Oh yeah, it's paradise.

I'm sure there's tons of you out there thinking to yourselves, "I wonder what Glenda is eating for lunch today?" - So I felt obliged to share... gotta keep the fans happy ;)

Yesterday I detailed my car, to say I "washed it" wouldn't measure up, because I not only washed it, dried it, and waxed it, I scrubbed and vacuumed the interior carpets, windexed anything that could shine, and even took my air vents out, just so I could get to all the dust. Was my car that dirty you ask? Nope not really, my car never gets that dirty...

I guess that's what boredom will do to you. Although I have to confess that it was way more fun than it should have been, by normal people standards anyway. But now it's so so so clean and fresh and it just smiles at you when you go to get in it. And you know what? I smile back.

I've apparently gone crazy, but who cares, my car is a masterpiece of perfection, so no one will ever be able to say I didn't have my shit together...know this. hehe.

Now aren't you inspired to go detail your car too? No? Geez..people now days. ;)

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that my new speakers are in, and sound pretty damn good. In some ways it's annoying though, because when you get nice speakers but don't update anything else, they point out everything you need/want to get in order to hear them at their best. Like a head unit that can put out the sound they deserve, and a powered subwoofer for under your seat, just to add that little bit of thump your speakers are missing. I now want these things that I had no desire to have before installing the new speakers. This is slightly annoying, because I was never the one who complained about the sound in my car in the first place (that was the Andrew), but once it was pointed out, of course I noticed the room for improvement. Plus, I'm supposed to be saving money so now I have to work out a plan on how to follow that plan and still work in the things I want. Hmmmm...

Anyway, the weather is great today so I'm going to go out and enjoy it while I can. :)


Anonymous said...

refering to him as THE Andrew...fantastic. Has to be pretty neat knowing that he is the one; or he has lost his individual identity and been categorized with all the other Andrews as a group or a brand name. Who knows. Sure wish my car could be that happy...all silver and bright and shiney. Too much rain and humidity here though. thanks for looking here.

Glenda said...

"the" was actually a typo - your the only one who thinks of yourself as "The Andrew".

Contrary to popular belief it isn't always about you.