Friday, November 04, 2005

Hi, I'm pitiful, what's your name?

You know you have issues when you find out at 1 in the morning that your laptop can find a wireless network to connect long as you're in the middle of your driveway, or on your roof.

Tell me, that the fact that I now know this, isn't down right pitiful!

There never seems to be a good time to drive down to Panera, so I've basically resigned to sulking around and pouting like a 2 year old when it comes to my lack of internet/cable/connection to the world. Which is totally why it bothers me so much..I feel so damn disconnected from everything. My TV won't even pull up one local channel so I can't even watch the news, and it's not like I'm a big "news watcher" but only because I'd see headlines every time I logged on to AOL.

Never, never sign up for cable online. This is the reason I won't be getting any service until this coming Tuesday. Yes..I am very bitter.

My karma has really been off this week, but it looks like it might be getting better. First, there was the whole situation with the cable people, then being put on hold while trying to talk to customer service ate up all my cell phone minutes, and I don't have a home phone, so I can't even talk to someone before 9 at night unless I want a bill I can't afford.

Then the book I really really want is impossible to find around here. It was going to be my salvation for a few nights at least. I even got a membership at "Family Video" and started renting DVD's of the second season of Six Feet Under (they didn't have the first season) which is a show I instantly liked, and was in heaven for the first few episodes, then the DVD's started skipping and sticking and I was left wondering what the hell happened the rest of the season, since the video store only has one copy.

Things are picking up though. I'm almost done with watching the 3rd season of Six Feet under, and moving on to the 4th. If I had the money for it I would buy my own copies of all the seasons of the's so original and thought provoking, I love it. And since so many of the other dvd's were messed up, the store has been hooking me up and I haven't had to pay a dime for any of the third season yet.(over 5 discs)

Plus, before I know it I’ll have internet and cable in the house. Probably just in time for it not to matter so much, because I know my gripes are petty, which I’m thankful for and very glad I don’t have anything bigger going on at the moment. I’m losing steam when it comes to drama in my life. I’ve had my fill in the past month.

So anyway…let me go out in my driveway so I can post this. (life is so funny sometimes, isn’t it?)

**Update** -- Ok, so I'm not so lucky,it's nearly impossible to connect for more than a minute..I've been trying all day. It's a miracle I even got this here.

See ya Tuesday? :(

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