Tuesday, November 08, 2005

All at once..

I'm back...as promised :) The cable company still didn't have their sh*t together, and wanted to charge me a lot more for less, but after a few phone calls it's all worked out.

It's a little overwhelming believe it or not! With just 2 weeks off the net, just about everything on my pc needs to be updated so I have menus popping up left and right, plus there's so many sites I want to check up on I don't know where to begin.

Thank heaven I'm not very popular and didn't have many emails to follow up on. When I logged on to AOL, I had 37 messages...but all except 3 of them were junk, so it was pretty easy to get on top of that situation. :)

Besides hating the cable company, I do have a few new finds that I'm in love with at the moment....

- The whole 'Six Feet Under' series - over the past 2 weeks Claire, David, Nathan and Brenda, etc.... have kept me company, and I'm truly sad to be at the end of the 4th season with no more DVD's to rent. I don't know, but I think either the 5th season is in progress, or over with...I need to find out with a quickness so that I can find out a way to continue my obsession.

- "The Fray" (album = How to Save a Life) - I absolutely love this band, it's so in synch with the beat of my life right now that I feel like hearing it every second I'm awake...and if I can't...than I'd rather sleep.

Yes..it's that good...

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DaMan!! said...

htGood to have you back sis!!