Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What happens when you think too hard:

Sometimes I wonder about the whole concept of faith, not only in regard to religion, but just with life in general.

A slice of the Websters dictionary explains it as:

" (1) firm belief in something for which there is no proof (2) : complete trust"

How does one have complete trust in something, without having tried and true circumstances and experiences behind your trust? (a solid foundation)

You've never seen it - you've never felt it - it's never happened to you, and if it ever has, it always meets a timely demise..

At what point does it become possible for you to start to believing in something that has yet to blossom into your life? What faith and hope that dwells inside you, believes that it's still possible? Where does the trust come from?


However it comes about, it needs to be bottled up and sold..

I really do try and embody myself with blind faith, and optimistic thoughts of things that usually seem to fail in the past...and I attempt to believe that this time things have the possibility of turning out different.

Then, the world around me pauses and is quiet for a second, and I hear this faint whisper inside me that is chanting self defeating thoughts about what IS, and what ISN'T possible in my life, and suddenly I realize that no matter how hard I try to believe things will come to fruitition this time, it's pointless if I can't wrap myself, inside and out, with the blind faith in mankind that this definition speaks of.

If my brain is telling me one thing and my consciousness is saying something totally contradictory, it's a futile battle. It's impossible to get anywhere unless these two things are in sync and on the same page.

So yeah...if your one of those out there with all the secret answers to life's conundrums...get to work and bottle that shit up..

You have one guaranteed customer right here, and quite possibly, millions more. Make some money...I'm pretty sure it would be worth the price.


The Masked Stranger said...

sometimes its hard to understand faith and trust, i think of it more as something i know is i have faith if i press the keys on my keyboard that it will show up on the screen. taking it a few steps further, i have faith that the power wont fail because it doesnt have a reason to. and if it does fail...i just say w/e and dust off the typewriter. Trust comes from knowledge of fact and different obsevations, u trust a friend because they've never let you down (fact) u also trust the friend because you see that they care about you (observation)...idk im starting to

Glenda said...

Ramble on...

I was just starting to get really (really) interested and you cut it off...tease! ;)

Maybe it's just important to not let previous experiences interfere with new ones? (just because your last friend/keyboard crapped out on you, doesn't mean this one will..sort of thing)

The Masked Stranger said...

it was one of those things where i had a thought and i started running with it and then it kinda vanished...and i was left in my usual blank i had to stop

TC said...

George Michael sings that we "gotta have faith". I'm in no position to disagree.