Monday, October 31, 2005

My life without money, cable, internet, or wine:

This morning I got up and watched "Love Actually" again (the 3rd time in less than 24hours), and then after putting the little one down for a nap I delved into the bonus features of the DVD, and ended up watching the movie again, this time with the commentary. Whoo hoo! Actually I enjoyed it more than I should have, there's just something about the movie that I'm in love with. It must be the dreamer/romantic side of me peeping out before it returns to it's dark hole of cynicism.

Now I'm watching the first Harry Potter (the only one I own) while shoving pieces of cookie dough pop tarts down Audrey's mouth, and also typing this. (It's a challenging life I lead)

It's quite possible that the only reason I'm sitting here and using Microsoft Word is nothing but a sign of my desperate need of feeling like I'm close to being online. In my head I'm pretending I am, and that when I get done with this rant it's as easy as clicking on publish, and poof! Mission accomplished.

Unfornately it's not that easy, if I'm lucky I MIGHT be online by this Friday.'s horrible to think of being without the net that long. What if there's something I need to know or look up? What am I going to do for 5 more days without email...blahhh the list goes on.

I'm seriously thinking about putting this all on a memory stick and taking it and my laptop to the parking lot of Panera Bread, and trying to use their wireless service in the comfort of my own car. That way I don't have to trudge my hunk of a notebook and 2 kids inside, where they will surely beg for cookies (the kids not the laptop). Plus it would fulfill my incessant need to check my email and look around on the net, if even for just a few minutes. So, if you happen to be reading this, you'll know how ;)

Tomorrow I am going to try and find and buy a book called "Million Little Pieces." I hear it's a great read and sure to keep me occupied for a day or two. I'm greatly looking forward to it..anything but watching DVDs that I've already watched at least 3 times before will do just fine!

Alright, I'm off; my evil toddler is throwing herself like a dying fish on the floor. Her sister has pissed her off again, so I need to go do damage control.

P.S.- Please note that the only difference having a bottle of wine would have made in this whole scenario is possibly grasping my attention span long enough to really get involved in a computer game. Last night I tried to get interested in a Circus Tycoon game I have, but only succeeded in wasting and hour before being bored to tears. Having some wine would eventually stunt my thought process and I'd waste at least 3 hours simply staring aimlessly at the monitor while my thoughts try to sort themselves out like autumn leaves falling from a tree.


The Masked Stranger said...

Poor Glenda! 5 days without internet!! its like an eternity... ill send ya a bottle of wine.

Glenda said...

Awesome! I'll take a bottle of Beringer white zinfindale please :)

Party at my house Tuesday night.. ;)