Friday, October 21, 2005


So today I called my mom at the home to find out some plan she has to come back to Kansas City. Apparently she's convinced some old neighbors of hers (they were before they got kicked out for not paying rent) to come get her and bring her back to her house in Kansas City. These are people who my mom barely knows, but I'm sure jumped at the idea of a free place to live and a social security check. The only thing that matters to my mom is that she's coming back to KC. I went by today and there wasn't even a back door, it's been stolen (it's a rough part of KC)..there's also a lot of broken windows. But supposedly this couple is going to take care of my mom (even though they haven't seen her in over a year and have not a clue about her needs) and clean up the place and fix the door, etc. I refuse to be a part of it because it's just not in her best interest. Let alone she's still not walking on her own and spending every waking minute in the wheel chair. But anyway...I guess none of it matters anymore, because like I said, I called her to see what was going on and this is how our conversation went :

me: Hey, how ya doin?

mom: Who's this?

me: It's Glenda

mom: Glenda?

me: yea...your daughter..

mom: I don't have a daughter...I never wanted you Glenda..goodbye

(she slams the phone down)
Just classic isn't it? I guess she felt I couldn't do anything for her anymore, so she really had no use for me.

This situation she's about to get into isn't a good one, but she won't listen to me..I'm nobody to her now.

I'm officially throwing my hands up.


The Masked Stranger said...

that sux! im sorry deserve an e-hug....*HUG* that was an e-hug for all you who dont know.

Dwain said...

This really hurt me to read. You have done your best to be a good daughter to her. All I can say I am proud to say you are my daughter and I will always be there for you if you need me. Love you!!!

DaMan!! said...

Hey sis sorry to hear about this!! Just to let you know we are here for ya!! Also have you gotten my emails, was just wondering didn't hear back from you but I am sure you are busy!!! Take care and talk to you soon!!

Brandy For Sale. said...

Glenda, I am proud of you. You took the high road, and that is tough to do.

I send you love and support from chilly Brooklyn.