Sunday, October 16, 2005

Lettuce wraps and tattoos

Tonight my hubby and I went out and had a drink and some lettuce wraps at Chili's, a semi date I guess. It's been forever since we've done that...which explains why I had to end it properly at a local tattoo shop called "The Bleeding Heart." I finally got my wrist tattoo touched up. Anyone I've been around lately knows that it's been bothering me because the lines weren't as smooth or as bold as they could have been, and the center of it was supposed to be solid red for my daughters birthstone, and it turned out to only have a hint of red.

Now it's all fixed, or seems to be anyway. I'll be taking a pic of it in a few days, so I'll post it when I do.

There's not really anything else to say. This morning was full of drama, the afternoon pretty empty..and you heard about my night.

I have tons of rants that are building up, but at the moment, with my wrist still stinging like hell, it doesn't seem worth it, so I'll just let it all build up more until I have a really really good rant :)

Peace out

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Anonymous said...

So what happen in the morning? And I did not hear about your night either. Miss you