Monday, September 12, 2005


I've been getting so many hits from people looking for Marty Casey's lyrics to "trees" it's insane. If only I was interesting enough for a second visit, but alas, no such luck. At least I served a purpose once. ;)

Today for some reason I subscribed to a free, 3 day trial to Real Player "SuperPass", which lets me see 24/7 live feeds of the houseguest's in Big Brother. When I first opened it up they had quad cams of everyone sleeping; I can't tell you how weird that was. It made me feel like some kind of why would I want to watch people sleeping, ya know? So I ended up leaving the screen up, putting on some music and cleaning the house..waiting for them to wake up, haha. It's weird, but also a little entertaining considering the only thing on TV right now is soap opera's or "A Baby Story" on TLC. The messed up thing is, is that they even have camera's in all the when one of the girls went to go pick her nose and look at something in her teeth, I not only saw it, but saw it like I was the mirror itself. Truly disgusting. I wonder if the people on the show ever really thought about what "24-7 live feeds" were all about. They are truly like rats in a cage. I will most likely cancel my membership before I'm billed, but it's definitely been an interesting look in, I wish I would have done it when more houseguests were in the house though..especially when Kaysar was in. I don't know why I didn't think of looking sooner. Right now there are only 4 girls in the house, 3 of which who talk about the most mundane things, and the fourth one seems to sleep more than anything. Plus I still can't help thinking that's it's completely weird to be able to listen and watch someone do's a little too much like "1984" by Orwell.

Also, I think it's sad how none of these people know anything about Katrina, because they are not supposed to hear anything from the "outside world"'s one of those things I think they have a right to know about. It makes me wonder how they will take it when they get out of the house. Hopefully CBS shows a touch of their reactions when they hear about it.

Anyway, Saturday I was very productive and got tons of stuff done, so yesterday I took the liberty of doing almost nothing. I did cook a kick ass dinner though. I roasted a chicken I had been marinating for over a day in some Caribbean Jerk marinade, and then fixed some mashed potatoes that I spiced up to have a real Caribbean flavor. It was damn good. If you live near me, I will cater for a small fee ;)

Ugg. The little one's up from her nap..more later.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the lyrics to trees...i was lookin everywhere...thanks alot

Glenda said...

Your welcome! Thanks for saying thanks :) Marty Casey rocks, and I don't care what anyone says, I really don't want him to become the lead singer of INXS. I think he should stick with his band "The Love Hammers", cause it kicks ass too.

Just my 2 cents.. though :)