Tuesday, September 20, 2005

J.D. Fortune

So J.D. won it! He's now the lead singer of INXS, and I have to say, he's kind of grown on me a bit. He sounds very simliar to the old lead singer Michael Hutchence, which is a big reason I think he beat Marty out.

Marty rocked the house tonight too, I just think he has such a presence, from his stage presence to his voice, that the identitiy of INXS gets blurred because all you want to do is focus on Marty. When he sings INXS songs he gives them a whole other feel -- He's just that good..cause it takes a true rockstar to pull that off.

It's cool J.D got it, whichever way I look at it. Plus...

I'm just stoked about Marty re-joining the Love Hammers and putting more albums out. I love him...we should get together and babies. heh. I'm so kidding. Nothings worth bringing in more monsters to take care of. ;)

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The Masked Stranger said...

thanks again for the love hammers stuff...i really think Mig did a great job and so did Marty...i just have this thing against J.D. and i dont know what it is. I think its great though that Marty gets to open for them on the world tour