Thursday, July 07, 2005

7/7/05 London Falls

I logged on AOL this morning and saw the news. It's all very sad.

"We will not allow violence to change our societies or our values nor will we allow it to stop the work of this summit" --Blair.

I get this...I really do. The reasoning behind it. You don't want those with the black hats to win or see that they have affected you. It's pride more than anything. Our societies will and do change as a result of these attacks though, they can deny it all they want, but it's truly irrefutable. The terrorists know this, and it's why they will keep doing it. Bush simply calls it "evil," and I will agree it is a horrible thing, but I don't think it's necessarily "evil." They are at war, and it's easy for us to say "fight fair," but why would they? They would surely lose; they are out manned and out powered, so they fight by the means necessary. It's harsh common sense...and a jagged bite of reality.

The thing that makes this situation worse, is if it affects the war in Iraq and it's length or current force. We need to finish stabilizing Iraq, and get the hell out. No one will win in this game, it's all a matter getting out while your "ahead". I wouldn't be surprised if one of Al Quaida's goals for these attacks were to keep troops abroad longer...than not only are they hitting us randomly throughout or own land, they are also killing us on their soil...bonus. Many say "I'd rather fight the war on their soil then mine" but forget to realize that so far this hasn't been possible. They are still fighting on our soil and will continue to do so. Maybe with all the troops home, we can focus more on "homeland security"...according to the's the answer to our why not put all our resourced in to it?

Blah...this has put a damper on my excitement and much anticipated start of "Big Brother 6" on CBS tonight. I love how trashy that show can get, it's one of the only shows I will be watching this summer....AND it's on for 3 whole nights a week...can't beat that. sincere sympathy goes out to all victims and familes & friends of victims of the blast in're in my thoughts and my heart.

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