Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Busy Busy

This past weekend was awesome. I learned how to have fun on a wave runner, relaxed, and even got stung by a wasp. Them flying terrors are no joke, that sucker hurt.

On the 4th we saw a great fire works display. Before it started some young chick sung the national anthem, and it brought tears to my eyes...I mean she SUNG that can be a big sissy.

I have some great pics from the weekend, but I'll have to get them on here a little later. Today is my oldest daughters birthday, she's 9 years old. OMG I'm a mom to a 9 year hard to believe. Anyway, I have a sleep-over to get ready for, birthday brownies to make, and wrapping paper to go buy (yes I'm famous for procrastinating) my day is going to be full.

Plus, my mother in law is coming down Saturday..and if there's something wrong or worth critiquing she'll point it out, so I'm about to get in neurotic mode. No kidding.

More pics coming soon.

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