Thursday, April 28, 2005

Another Fort Riley Soldier died in Iraq today...

The second this week...and it's only Wednesday.

FIRST OFF -- Watch this video * this link is no longer valid :(

As a military wife myself, it's my worst fear, and if I ever got such news, I wouldn't be able to "talk" to anyone, let alone look civilized, for MONTHS. I assume this anyway; I haven't been there, thank god.

The fact that this wife, pulled herself together, long enough to speak to a news crew, says so much of her character. I was in awe. You could tell she was still so torn up and I could feel her pain, and how intense it must be, but yet she put sentences together, and managed to give a face and a story to her husbands death, so that it wouldn't just be another cold news report. It tore me up to watch her, and still does just thinking about it.

Here's what infuriates me:

Did you notice the handoff, at the end? "Ok Mike, thank you very much. And another family dealing with the grief in Kansas tonight, we appreciate that. Now in other news..." Could he get more callous and cold? Did you see any emotion in his face? Lord forbid we dwelled on this tragedy for a minute, let alone showed some remorse. This is why I hardly ever watch the news, half of them report like robots when it is serious, or are reporting worthless info. Americans need to see more stories like this, and be able to look the victims who have lost loved ones, in the eye...maybe then, the impact of what's happening and what we should be worrying about, will hit them. But noooo....we hear of Michael Jackson, Britany Spears, what's on the president's IPOD, and exploding toads!

I don't understand any of it. I can understand wanting to hear some good news, or wanting to fill up on some Hollywood drama, after a hard day at work... but the media should stop rushing through the sacrifices that soldiers and families are making everyday, out of respect...if nothing else. It had to take a great deal of effort to make her get in front of the cameras, and you can be sure they kept her talking for over 30 min of interviews....all for less than 2 min of air time.

How sweet of them! How disheartening........

To think, some people wonder why many who have spent time overseas, would rather stay there, or can't wait to go back. Me being one of them. It's because once you step outside and look in, America looks trifling, shallow, and lost, and the media that's causing it, is much easier to ignore when you don't understand the language it's in. No kidding.

I'm grumpy, can you tell? I stayed up too long fussing with the template of this thing. Looks cool though, huh? I like it..


Anonymous said...

You are so good with words...I really wish you were running the media...some heart and compassion and reality would make so much difference. They seem to think that is called "professionalism".
I avoid the MSM too. It sure doesn't portray the America I live in. And this particular case you describe was so callous as to be cruel.

My heart aches for her.

Glenda said...

Thanks...I would love to be one of those reporters that went beyond the main-stream, and tried something new. They usually get pushed off the major networks though, it's pitiful...look what happened to Bill Maher! For a country that preaches "free speech" and all that, they sure make it hard to hear different opinions, when they don't work towards their own best interest.

Soldat said...

I have lost any respect for msm since I've been in the military. I mean come on show some decency to people who just lost a family member. What happen if this reporters wife just died and a newstation van showed with a reporter asking him how he's dealing with it. But no, since its involves the current conflict it news.
To hell with msm.


"Vive La Mort, Vive La Guerre, Vive Le Sacre Soldat"