Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Finally got the internet at our new place, so I'll update tomorrow on what's been goin down on my side of town..

I would tonight but I'm freaking tired. The girls had soccer till after 8 tonight and then I had to go to the old house and tie up some loose ends so it's ready to clear tomorrow. Clearing Army housing is no fucking joke..they make it a complete pain in the ass and just plain exhausting. Hopefully tomorrow will be the end of it though.

I haven't even had time to go see the new Harry Potter movie....AND....I have the new book and am only on the 5th chapter. Yes, I'm a dork and a big fan, I'll admit it. So it's pretty damn sad that even Mr. Potter has been pushed back on the priority list! What has my world come too?

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poody said...

I had to go back and re-read the book before this last one before I can read the last book. I forgot a lot of it and was lost! Are you still working?