Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bzzz Bzzzz

OK, so I'm a day late. Better than a week huh?

Yesterday we finally cleared the old house, THANK GOD. Handing those keys over felt great! We had just worked our asses off trying to get every little thing perfect over there and eventually it became very annoying to even look at it. How anal does the army want you to be? Care for a few examples? Window tracks is one, our tracks are white and there's about 3 little crevices on them and to pass inspection they have to be spotless with no dust what so ever...corners and all. Sounds easy enough, but it's a pain. Also all our base board heater vents had to be taken apart and wiped down an vacuumed. I cut my finger a few times doing that...the metal fins are sharp! Basically there couldn't be a spec of dust in the place..they even take out the kitchen cabinet drawers and look at the drawer TRACKS for dust! How damn silly is that?!?! The eventual deal breaker was the floors, both bathrooms, the kitchen, the laundry room and the front mud room were all tile and they told us we needed to strip all the previous wax off the tile and then apply 3 coats of fresh wax. Andrew and I got the bathroom floors stripped and we threw in the towel. It's not that it's too hard, but it's very time consuming and we had our inspection coming up in a few days, and we didn't know where we were going to get the time to finish it all. So we found the name of a cleaning team, because if you hire one, when the army comes to inspect your quarters they only look for damages and then the cleaning team is held accountable for the cleaning standards of the place. We figured since we'd done just about everything but the floors we would get a decent rate, but as it turned out we still paid $250...I was not happy. For that rate, I might as well not have cleaned a damn thing, and basically all the cleaning we did was in vain. I had our oven looking new...racks and you have any idea how much I hated doing that? Grrrr. The cleaning team didn't care, but oh well. At least the floors were out of our hands and it made yesterdays inspection go very quick. He checked for damages, there weren't any...we handed over our keys, end of story.

So that's the scoop on the old place. I'm so glad to be done with it. Words cannot express!!

On top of all the moving stuff, Andrew has been in the field this week. It's only till Friday though. I feel like I do nothing but running errands all day and dropping off kids and picking them up. I worked Monday, but supposedly had off Tuesday. We have Cottage meetings on Tuesdays though, so that lasted a few hours in the morning, and then I had to be back for 4 hours that afternoon to get re-certified in CPR and first-aid. I got off work around 4pm and had just enough time to get back to the house, get the girls dressed for soccer and get to their games that night. They were at 2 different times, so I was out there until after 8 that night. Then yesterday Taylor had guitar lessons from 1:00pm to 1:30 and then I had to pick her up and be at the clearing appointment by 2pm. It was a rush.

Today has been chill though, I'm finally catching up on some laundry, and getting the last few boxes unpacked. The only thing on the schedule is soccer tonight, so I can't complain too much.

Oh! Last night Taylor and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie! I waited for Andrew to come home, and then we went to the 10pm showing, so it's wasn't out until after midnight. It's was nice though, and the movie was one of the best yet. It was a definite treat! Well deserved I might add :)

Tomorrow it's back to the grind for me, I always work Fridays, Saturday's and Sundays...and then a few days in the middle of the week. I'm sticking with my job for now, I've gotten used to being called god awful names and having things thrown at me on occasion....sad but true. You can't be the "good guy" and being doing your job right, where I work. Usually if your doing your job well and holding the kids accountable your getting called names and making teenage boys very angry at you. Ah well. Like I said, I'm getting used to it. Sometimes it's even amusing. That's bad huh? ;)

This is getting long so I'd better go. I'll have to try and make a post in the next few days about our new place on post. It's really nice. We have new carpet, nice tiled floors, all new appliances and even new bathrooms. Our place was renovated, so it's the first time EVER we've moved in a place and never had anyone use our kitchen sink before...or our fridge, or stove, and only our germs on the rocks!! Anyway, I'm glad I got that out, cause I guess now I don't need to write about it in the next was hard to hold in.

Oh yeah!? Did I mention we even have a garage door opener? Awesome huh? That's a damn luxury for us non-home-owners!

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poody said... to this link for minute to minute updates in the BB house this is where people who are watching live post as is happens. It is by far my favorite link Look at my sidebar for it and the other one is Hamsterwatch. My fav is Jessiaca how about you? I like Jen too. They need to quit picking on her so much. I am always for the underdog except not so much for Zach. he is creepy!