Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thusdays Confession

Well, I really can't think of much to confess at the moment, except that I would love to be sipping some wine about right now. I woke up tired, and then did nothing but clean the whole day..still feeling wiped out. So now I'm really tired and just ready to go to bed, and it's only 6 pm.

Anyway, back to the wine. I want some. I haven't been keeping any around the house lately..I don't know what I was thinking.

Andrews flight was pushed back again. (surprise!!!) The stupid ceremony isn't until 2:30 in the morning!!

There's another confession for you - Sometimes I really really hate the Army.

It's going to be a joy waking up the girls at midnight and hauling them out. There's no way they could stay awake that long, so I figured I should just put them to bed like normal, then wake them up in 3-4 hours. At least that way they get a nap in. As for me? I could totally sleep..but I doubt I'll be able too.

Alrighty, now I'm off to go get some wine! (not the kind in the box, Tim!! You need to repent!)


TC said...

I know I'm a dreg of society! Be careful out there so damned late/early.

Glenda said...

Tim - I think you just need some help in finding the right wine ;) And thanks..I will be :)

poody said...

What no wine with all that snow?? Honey please!

Anonymous said...

Is Andrew home???
I will call later today okay?
Love you all.

Anonymous said...

well at least andrew is comin home right?