Monday, February 19, 2007

Am I dreaming?

So let me see..

We picked up Andrew around 3 am Friday morning, and it was a pretty sweet reunion. I think Audrey is still in dis-belief her daddy is home. Out of the blue she will come up to Andrew and just say "You came back!" -- His first day back she must have said that 10 or more times. Then this weekend we were sitting in the car while Andrew was filling it with gas and Audrey said "Mommy...umm...daddy's back", to which I just said "Yep! Isn't that so cool?" haha.

It's all pretty weird. I catch myself doing the same thing sometimes. We'll be sitting next to each other or he'll be driving and I'll look over at him with a little disbelief that he's actually BACK. It feels like I've been living as a single mother for so long, that this notion of living as a couple again, seems too good to be true!

But it is true, and it's awesome. It's nice to have a real adult around all the time that I can talk with, and who can help out with stuff. I love hanging out with my girls, but some serious adult time was needed too!

Anyway, he's had the whole weekend off, plus today, so it's been nice just hanging out. He has to go back to work tomorrow, but then I think he's getting leave around the 25th for a few weeks. I'm thinking about planning a little mini vacation around that time...maybe to Washington DC, or even NYC...I dunno. Still have to work out the details!

So that's the deal, for all those who may be wondering. I keep waiting to get pinched and wake's that nice :)


Anonymous said...

Hoorah, hoorah, Andrew's home!! Yes Miss Audrey it's true, daddy is really home!!

Great talking with you yesterday. Wherever you go on your mini vacation, take pictures for us.

Chaney said...

I'm so happy for you guys! How wonderful that must be. Really makes you appreciate him I'm sure. You deserve some TLC after all this time, remember that. I WILL email back soon, I promise, just busy around here as usual. Thank you for the sweet're always thinking of others and that's such an admirable trait. I can always count on you.
All my love!

poody said...

yeah Andrew is home I knnow you are one happy woman. I am happy for you!