Tuesday, January 30, 2007

12 Days

Cool pictures huh? That's a piece of Andrews equipment being sling loaded...it's the whole reason why he's going to be home a little later than the other soldiers. He had to see this piece safely on a ship and headed home before he could come home. Don't ask me what it is, but it's something to do with communications. He wouldn't go into the details with me...probably because he knew I wouldn't remember anyway, and also that it's a "sensitive" item, so he didn't want to give me all the details to blog about. Beware of the wife that blogs!!! haha

In just 10 days he'll be on his way home, and in about 12 days we'll be heading to a ceremony to welcome him back! I can't wait. Well, for the ceremony I can - I really don't like those things. Even thinking about them gets me emotional. There's just so much anticipation, and no matter how hard you've tried keeping it together while their away, all those feelings come rushing back while your waiting for them to march through the door and and see them line up in formation. It's a lot of excitement and RELIEF as you try to pick your soldier out of the crowd. I usually lose it and my heart physically aches to see him again. Last time around I had his family with me, so it was easier to distract myself..I won't have them this time, but the girls and I will make the best of it. I hinted at Andrew that I didn't want to go, but he said if I didn't go that I should call a lawyer..hehe. He was kidding (I hope!) but it does mean a lot to him, he said that it would totally suck to see everyone else hugging their loved ones and him not being able to do the same thing. So that made me feel like an ass for even suggesting not showing up.

Last time it was a pain in the ass finding him, cause they tend to all look a like when they're in uniform, so this time we've devised a plan to buy some bright orange balloons and have signal flags drawn on them so he can see where we are above the crowds of people. Smart eh?

Today he offically lost his room and moved to a tent..he said he was looking forward to it though - He's complained about his room being cold for some time now, and his new neighbors have been rude. The only thing that sucks about it is that he loses his internet unless he goes to an internet cafe, so we probably won't talk (chat or email) often..if at all, until he gets home.

And as far as things go here...well, it will be like waiting for Christmas morning when you were a child. 12 days seems like forever, even though I know it will be here in the blink of an eye.


Anonymous said...

So happy for sis!! I am sure as much as you dislike the ceremony, I am sure you love the fact of see him as soon as you can!! Just keep that head up and the day will be here before you know it!! Also make sure that camera is ready to go, we want pictures, tears and all!! So happy for you all and love ya all!!

Glenda said...

Awww..thanks so much for the sweet message! And I will defintely have the camera!!
Love YOU!!

Anonymous said...

SIS I bet you are so happy he will be home soon. I am happy for you and I know you will enjoy it very much. Miss you sis.