Thursday, November 30, 2006


Today went well, for the last two days I've been up around 6:30 in the morning and showered with my hair and makeup done and ready to step out of the house around 8:30. Including getting Ms. Audrey fed and dressed, which is no easy task! I've been doing my running early in the day, which helps I think. That way I can't make any excuse and put it off. I've been way behind on things I need to get done lately. My last Netflix movies I mailed in were the sames one I had when Andrew was home..ummm....2 1/2 months ago, which is just LAME. I pay $25 a month so that I can get 4 at a time because I usually rent TV shows that have went to DVD (my last one was season 1 of Nip Tuck) - so I can safely say I wasted at least $50. (lets hope Andrew doesn't read this!!) I also sent out a unit patch Andrew's been asking me to mail for about a month maybe that will make up for it? He is putting some cool plaque thingy together for all his deployments, they aren't too much money and are pretty neat looking. He did one for his deployment in Iraq, and he's waiting on the patch I sent him to do one for the deployment he made a while back to Kosovo.

Anyway, here's to going to bed at a decent time and getting my ass up early in the morning! So far it seems to be helping. Plus, the sun has been out the past two days and it's been around 60!
That never hurts! It got pretty crappy late this afternoon though..and I hear it's going to stick around and we have snow on the way....grrrr.

And since I'm just jumping around on subjects here...

Tonight I went with my neighbor to my first game EVER of Bingo! Whoo hoo! It was fun, and I got away from the girls for a while. I left Taylor home with my other cell and she watched Audrey, she only called 2 times to complain about Audrey, so all in all it went pretty well. She is getting to the point where I trust her to baby-sit for an hour or two. Plus my neighbor's husband is right upstairs and always there to help.

I got 2 numbers away from winning $200! That was pretty much the highlight of the night, but I still had a lot of fun. Next time I am going to have to take my camera though! The old ladies there are just poetic to me. It would make a great picture in my eyes. Some of them come with all sorts of lucky trinkets and lay them all out, and you can tell they are so happy to be there. One old lady, that was probably 85 and up was wearing the cutest little red bow on the top of her head, which kept making all the other old ladies come by and pick at her, it was funny. Hopefully they will let me take pictures of them, cause I would really love too. The Bingo Scene is sooo happening right now!! ;)

Alright, so that was today....I can't complain!

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Dwain said...

You do know Barb is the BINGO gueen of Kansas don't you? She got a kick out of your post. Big smile on her face. Would like to see those pictures myself. Do what you got to do. Sometimes that is all we can do to pull ourselves up, is just pull with all you got.