Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wind turbines and other fall pics

Pictured above are wind turbines that I took a picture of near Adams Center, NY. Unfortunately the weather was pretty cloudy and rainy that day, so the lighting isn't as bright as I would have liked. I had to take a picture of it though because there's just something about a wind turbine that looks very surreal, and unfitting..almost like it's from another planet and somehow as you were driving along you crossed over into another dimension. They are HUGE. And they have an odd number of blades, maybe if it had 4 blades it wouldn't look so weird??

Just a thought.

It is truly a "catch 22" situation because wind turbines are a great alternative source for energy, but at the same time they really are an eye sore, especially when you have fields of 50 or more and they aren't very far apart. So it's one of those things where you have to decide which is more important to you - preserving the natural beauty of our land, or sacrificing the aesthetics to preserve our land in a much more important way; through the environment.

So anyway, the girls and I went out driving this weekend looking for some pictures to take with my new camera. The weather just wasn't working with us though, so I don't have a whole lot. The ones I have aren't too shabby though!!

I'll show you one more of them, and then for the rest you'll have to go to My Photo Album and check them out there. They are better over there anyway because you can see them much larger and even download them to your PC and use as a desktop background..they look great that way, right now I have the picture below as my background, and I love it.

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TC said...

Wow, great pics, I snagged the barn pic as my new wallpaper! Something about it said "Autumn". That camera is awesome.
Coming from coal country, I'd much prefer the turbines over smokestacks and distorted earth left behind from strip mining anyday.

Anonymous said...

There is an article in Popular Science about a wind turbine farm being installed IN the North Sea in which each one is over 600 feet tall; each blade reaches 250 feet in length. Ours are 200 feet tall at best. These will provide electricty to the Netherlands, Denmark, and Northern Germany. These would be astonishing to see especially compared to ours considering you could see them all the way from Syracuse (on a clear day). They may be an eyesore, but a wind turbine can produce the elements for fueling a fuel cell car without the green house byproducts we will produce by generating the hydrogen atoms from conventional sources. I think we can deal with this in the horizon. I think people need to find better things to gripe about other than protesting the installation of clean air in the future, esentially. I like your pro-windmill position. I bet if they looked like the ones from Holland in the old days people wouldn't complain as much. Nice picture by the way. Later. Love you.

Dwain said...

Awesome pictures!