Saturday, October 14, 2006

Chief Loves You!

This is my dog Chief, he's a cute little guy isn't he?? Well I think he is, but he does have his issues! One of them is that he's a little insecure. He's quick to cower, even when there's no need too. So sometimes he just won't come to you at all because he's too busy looking like your going to whip him, and other times, he'll come to you, but the minute you start petting him or go to put his leash on he'll start peeing. He isn't that bad with me, but if your a guy he freaks out more often.

Another thing that he's weird about is his bathroom habits. He insists on privacy. He will bury himself deep in some bushes or tall grass before he goes to the bathroom. This is cool and all, but it can get annoying if your waiting for him to find his "special place" and it's freezing cold outside. Sometimes he never finds the perfect spot, and leaves us a special present in our bathroom! He doesn't do it all the time, so I don't get to bent out of shape about it. I think it's funny he goes in there actually...he could choose much worse places, and it's not on any carpet, and IT IS where we go, mad can you be?

Well, Andrew gets REALLY mad at Chief, and to be truthful..he's never really liked him. He says he's weak and calls him "Princess Pee-Pee" - haha.

So anyway, yesterday I took this pic of him, and I thought it was pretty cute, which for some reason made me want to email a picture to Andrew. I sent him a cute little note that said "Chief loves you" right by his picture. I was trying to soften up their relationship a little, because I'm tired of Andrew telling me to take him to the pound!!

But did it work??

Nope. :(

Andrew said all he saw in the picture was a scared little dog who pisses and sh*t's in his bathroom.

Poor chief..I tried!!

Hopefully Andrew will come around someday, because if he doesn't then he's the only one that loses, because we're not getting rid of Chief, and it's much easier to love than to hate! ;-)


ksboy50 said...

Well I think he's cute, in fact cute enough to keep. Amimals like people have their own personaliey and Chief has his. The picture looks great and yes yes yes it is easier to love than hate. Give him a break Andrew.:) Love you guys!!!

Sarah said...

You pup is so cute!!

I have your blog on my Bloglines, but it hasn't updated in ages so I thought you stopped blogging!! Glad you didn't.

And I see you went Pink for October!! Cool!!

Keep in touch...

The Masked back said...

cute lil dog. i used to be not much of a dog lover but i think im coming around

Muddybutt said...

the most important thing is that you love him... and as i can tell by your log you do. One thing you might do when Cheif can't find a place worthy of his "deposit" when you bring him in put him in a crate. the idea here is that a dog does not want to go where he sleeps (so don't use a crate much larger than him) let him wait there a while, then when you get him out take him out again mabey he will decide that outside is a better place than in that crate with him. if you have the problem thinking this is mean putting your sweet heart in a cage, think of how much better it is than the pound that Andrew keeps speaking of. I enjoyed your post thanks for the smile

Glenda said...

Thanks for the advice "muddybutt"! Both of my dogs are kennel trained actually. Chief, in particular, really likes his kennel because he likes to burrow and bury himself in his blankets!

He's very sneaky when it comes to his "deposits" - it's one of those things where we take him out for a walk and we think to ourselves that he hasn't gone yet he should have to go, but then he doesn't. He's not consistant with his surprises though, most of the time he will go outside at a later time, but every once in a while we step in the bathroom and there it is!

I am concerned with whats going to happen this winter because of all the snow that we get in upstate NY - he's never dealt with that before, and I don't know how he's going to handle it. I plan on shoveling some paths for him, but I'm preparing myself for more accidents in the house because of how cold it will be!

I mentioned to Andrew about getting a litter box and putting a puppy pad in it and seeing if he would go in there, but Andrew didn't think that was a good idea at all! I did though!

Do you have any thoughts on that? Do you think that's sending the wrong message to him?

Again, thanks for the comment!!