Sunday, October 08, 2006

New Artwork!

For those of you that might be wondering...

YES! I am still painting! In fact, my neighbor actually commissioned me to do some artwork for her bathroom a few weeks ago. She wanted some art that blended well with her shower curtain and the colors she used in her bathroom which were a bright red and a navy blue.

Well, today I finished and I am thrilled how it came out! They look awesome in her bathroom. It's cool too, because she is actually gone for the weekend in Rochester but I have her key, so I went and put them up so that when she comes home she will have a nice little surprise!

Anyway, here they are -- tell me what you think. I named them "Circuitry". :)

Here they are close up: (click to enlarge)


Anonymous said...

they are decent paintings, they dont draw your eyes to one particular point which i enjoy in artwork and it seems as though you made it to fit the room, the paintings really go well in the room it was designed for...thumbs up!

Glenda said...

andrew didn't like that I made it to fit the room..but I like that I was able too. She gave me free reign, but I knew it needed to "fit" in the room, so I still had fun doing it, and now I know if someone else asks me for a painting to go with the feel of the room, that I can probably produce a decent painting....which is a good thing

The Fashionable Housewife said...

Awesome, I love them!!! Should we add them to your website??