Saturday, October 07, 2006

Audrey A.K.A "Trouble"

I have a lot of updating to do, I know. Let me just say that my absence wasn't due to anything detrimental going on in my life...quite the opposite really.

Most days I have just found myself too involved in one thing or another, and when that happens, my blog suffers. Lately it's hard to sit down at my computer for any extended amounts of time, unless Audrey is in bed. I can check email, but lord forbid I try to respond to one, it's like an invitation for Audrey to either,

1.) Insist on sitting on my lap, and/or whining to snuggle

2.) Have her tip-toe off some where and totally get into something she knows she shouldn't be doing.

Exhibit A:

This particular incident happened a few weeks ago when I was sitting in my recliner, trying to do something on the computer, so Audrey and Taylor sat down at the kitchen table to color. Taylor got so involved in what she was coloring, she didn't notice Audrey trying to color her entire face. Then when caught, Audrey just thought she was the prettiest thing ever. Hmmmm. I beg to differ!

Exhibit B:

And this lovely incident happened about 15 minutes after I had painted Audrey's nails. I sat down after painting them and told her to blow on them and be careful so she wouldn't "hurt them". She was cool with that, but not too long after brought me the nail polish asking for her toes to be done. I told her to wait a little while and that I would do them when her other nails dried. Well, I said this while sitting down again, and trying to check some email. Audrey took that as a cue to go hide with the bottle of polish and try and do her toenails herself. Once again, she thought her nails were the Shiz-net. Hmmmm....


Looks like a damn mess to me!

Oh yes...she knows she's guilty

If that's not a guilty looking expression then I don't know what is!

I mean..She would like you to think she's an angel:

But as you can see in the evidence above, she surely is NOT. hehe.

So, Dear Readers, that is one reason OF MANY that I haven't been writing much lately. I'm busy trying to keep up with my handful of a three year old!

Alas, I do have other reasons for my lack of writing, of which I will get into at a later time. Possibly this weekend? You know me and making commitments. It's goes against natural instinct for me..hehe. But I PLAN on updating more this weekend. There are tons of updates. ok...not TONS, but at least 4 or 5. ;)

Meanwhile, I hope everyone is having a good weekend out there!

P.S. - Yes I know her hair is OUT OF CONTROL. It looks really cute when she lets me do something with it, but when she's just vegging around the house, she prefers to hang "Afro-style"...hehe.


Anonymous said...

That was a great post to read. My question to you is, did she get mail polish on anything else? If I were the judge, she would be convicted based on the evidence and the prosecutions testimony. Bring on the updates. I enjoy them when I am at such a loss for family time. Love you.

Dwain said...

My experience with Miss Audrey have been watching her go 90 miles an hour, so I know she is a hand full. I tell the story of you telling me to watch her in my yard one weekend and I would turn my eyes for one sec. and she would be in the street. I could not keep up with her to save my soul. But she is a cutie!!! Love ya all!!!

TC said...

Kids...can never truss 'em! Great last post of a twenty-something ;)