Monday, May 01, 2006

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend was great, but of course went by too fast! I drove down Friday night to pick up Andrew, and then we went to out to eat with my in-laws. We went to Chili's, and I had 2 of their "El Presidente" Margaritas; my mother in law has been wanting me to try one, cause they are her favorite drink for a Friday night, and now I know why! :) It was a good time.

We didn't get back to our house until around midnight, so the girls were smashed, and we were pretty tired too. Saturday we went to this "Family Fun Center" because we wanted to ride the go-karts, but the track was wet, so we just ended up playing some games and the girls played in one of those padded jungle gyms for a while. Later that night, we ate at Red Lobster, since it was Andrews birthday, and he's a big seafood lover. He had these $20 snow crab was wicked looking, and it seemed like it took a lot of work to just eat them, but he was happy.

I was still pretty tired from the previous late night, and the 4 am bed time the night before that, so I ordered a wake up call in the form of a Long Island Ice Tea. :) And yes, it totally put some life back into me. It's been years since I had one, and it was pretty tasty, plus the bartender made it "extra stout", or so that's what the waiter said, so that's always a bonus.

When we got home later that night we rough housed with Audrey, and then watched Taylor play the gamecube because she wanted to show her dad how good she was getting at playing the Mario game I got for ME. I've got 24 "shine sprites" and since then, I've been a little bored with it, mainly because it was getting harder! Taylor has over 50 though, and loves that she's better at playing it than her mom. She's always offering to help me with my game, especially after she gets past a hard level, then she's like "Oh, MAMA...your going to NEED me for this one!!" hehe.

SO yeah, we did that for a while, then put them to bed and watched a movie. It's been months since I watched a movie together with someone...anyone...and plus it was him, so I was pretty "sappy happy" about it.

We didn't do a whole lot yesterday besides take him to the airport. We said our good-byes, which went better than usual, but right after we gave him a hug good-bye we quickly turned around and I just kept telling myself "walk it off Glenda...walk it off" Taylor's eyes were watering behind me, so I said it a few times to her..and just continued to walk to the car with Audrey. By the time we got there, we were fine.

To take our mind off things we drove out to my mother-in-laws and hung out for a few hours before driving home.

Oh! On the way to the airport I stopped at Starbucks and got another Blackberry Green Tea yet again, Glenda was made happy by the contents of a cup :) You might consider this a bad thing, to be so dependent upon a a beverage, but could be diamonds or drugs...or imagine the thought that I didn't have any vice, and how crazy THAT would make me! Instead, give me something in a cup, usually under $5, and Glenda is a happy girl. It's a good selling point actually, haha. Not many woman are so easily pleased ;)

Anyhow, today is the beginning of yet another boring ass week. We have a post wide garage sale this weekend though, so I will be busy getting stuff ready to put out this Saturday. It will help lighten the load come moving time, plus possibly make a few bucks, which is never a bad thing.

May is going to go by in a flash. All my weekends already have plans, and that NEVER happens. (I'm not complaining)

49 days and we will be on our way to NY. Still trying to wrap my head around that one..

Anyway, more later. Some coffee sounds good about right now :)


Sarah said...

Happy May!

Glad you had a fantastic weekend with the hubby! I know what you mean about it going by waaaay too fast. The entire time my husband and I were engaged, he was at college. We got married 2 weeks after he got out for the summer. Talk about being away from each other for too long! That was 9 months of talking on the phone. Thank God for T-Mobile's family plan!

I love Starbucks too! I'm pretty happy with things in a cup as well. I like smoothies, milkshakes, and 'Coolata's".

Have a happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

sounds like u had fun. i think i told u that super mario sunshine gets boring after a while. it does get kinda hard. i dont have the patience for it. i hope may goes fast for everyone...and i hope you're not dreading moving to New York!!! It'll be fun.

mmmm starbucks!

Glenda said...

Thanks Sarah! I'm going to try :)

And yeah Jason, I think you did tell me that! Maybe I'm like you and it's not the interest that's's the patience! Sounds about right.

I'm looking forward to NY too :) I need a change. There are some things that will suck, like leaving family, but other than that, it should be cool.

Dwain said...

post garage sale eh. Maybe I will try and come down next week to see you and the girls and look and see if there is anything I need. Right, just got rid of alot a stuff, but hey you never know. Sounds as if you had a great weekend with Andrew, mine was the same, boring. So much rain couldn't get in the yard to work and thats what I like to do on my weekends.

deawn said...

I am going to miss having you close. It just seems like we just found each other. I hope we never lose contact. I am so happy you had a good weekend with your family. Reading it made me sad. Mainly cause I am having another hard time with Gabe. Also just having Mazzie always go to the doctor. She has another tooth on the top. Well I am going to miss you a lot. It's not like I see you all the time. But just knowing I can't just drive a few hours to see you when I want is going to be hard. Like I'm losing my sister again. Even though I was to young to remember. Ok I will stop going on and on. Just want to let you know I will miss you so much. I wanna see all of you before you leave. LOVE YA-de

Josh said...

Sounds like you guys had some fun. Those Long Islands really do a number on me.

Red lobster sure sounds good. So tastey!