Friday, April 28, 2006


Today I have to pick up my husband at the airport, his birthday is tomorrow and he hasn't been at home on his birthday in over 4 years, so the plane ticket was my present to him. It will be awesome to see him again, I'm pretty excited about it. :)

So excited that I was up until 4 am last night trying to get the house perfect and make up for a week of lost chores. It probably wasn't the best move.....but the house is IMMACULATE. I'll be a grumpy witch and wanting to pass out by 9 tonight...but hey..look how clean the house is...derr (that's worse case scenario, I'm hoping it doesn't go that route ;))

Anyway, it's sorta bitter sweet though (as always) because he has to be back on the plane Sunday afternoon. It's great having him home, but there's always this glooming thought of the "good-byes" soon to come, it's getting really old. There is a bright side of it all though! In about 4 weeks he will be done with his school, and home to stay for a while. It will be weird! Nice, but weird.

Last year Andrew went to Iraq for about 3 weeks as part of a recon team, and it just happened to be over his birthday, anyway, when he came back he told me that when he stepped foot back in Kuwait (they in & out process there) it felt like he was "home again" -- Tell me that isn't pitiful. He is so used to being the single bachelor that when he comes home to a loud and onery toddler, a mouthy 9 yr old, and a clingy wife, it's sort of a culture shock to him! hehe

All right, well I actually had quite a bit more to say, but I really need to get moving. It's going to be a full day! Thanks for all the well wishes this week from every one, I appreciate it. I'm feeling much better, inside AND out :) I've never been happier to say TGIF!

Have a good weekend!!


Sarah said...

I hope you have a fantastic weekend with your hubby! I'm sure you'll have a good time, even if you are tired from cleaning the house. Sounds like something I would do...

My husband's birthday is on Monday! Spring birthday's are so nice.

I'm glad you're feeling better too!! Email when you can.

poody said...

Have a great weekend Glenda. I didn't realize he was gone. Where is the school? Poor thing you have a lot on your plate as a single mom most of the time and you still have a clean house. Do you live in military housing?

The Masked Stranger said...

woo hoo the hubby is coming home...drink coffee...we all know that helps you to be you. glad you're feelin better

josey said...

Good luck with your weekend. Your husband wont have any problems adjusting to home life again. If you can adjust to a foreign country you can adjust to anything.

Liz said...

That must be rough. Hope you guys have a good time. And happy birthday Mr Glenda ;)