Wednesday, May 24, 2006


** Here's a cute little quiz/tag I got from Sarah's blog..**

I AM: A wife, a mommy, an artist, a wanna be web designer, and usually a total space case

I WANT: A magic teleporter so this distance thing wouldn't be such a bitch...imagine the possiblities!

I WISH: Kids came with remotes and you could just put them on pause every once in a while (hehe)

I HATE: The word hate and everything it stands for....I could produce a 3 page rant on this word if you wanted me too...but I'll spare you ;)

I MISS: Right now..not much...but in a matter of weeks, this will be a list 2 pages long

I FEAR: Dying murder or something...that would totally suck

I HEAR: 'Never Learn To Cry" by The Roger Sisters, it's playing off napster..besides that..not much's late..and all's quiet

I WONDER: When it's dark outside in the morning, how do the birds know it's around 5 am they start chirping..and you always know it's morning cause the birds are out chirping, which is understandable if it was daylight, but even if it's not..they are singing away...but they don't chirp like that at night. They must have some cool internal alarm clock that not only tells them what time it is, but wakes them up wanting to sing. That kicks ass. Speaking of birds sleep? If so..that is so damn cute to imagine a little birdie on a branch with his eyes closed just a snoozing away. Oh, and I wonder how many times they've startled from their sleep and fell off...that would suck..poor birdie.

I REGRET: Not being as considerate of other people as I should be sometimes. I am a little too greedy with my personal time.

I AM NOT: >One to be underestimated

I DANCE: At least a few times a day...usually poking my butt out and bouncing it around to make Audrey laugh...and usually to songs like "Victor Vito" that Laurie berkner sings on Noggin..the lyrics go:

"Oh Victor Vito and Freddie Vasco
ate a burrito with tabasco
they put it on their rice (clap, clap)
they put it on their beans (clap, clap)
They put it on their rutabagas
And on their collard greens

Hey Victor!
Hey Freddie!
Let's eat some,
Hey Victor !
I'm ready!
To eat some spaghetti with Freddie!

etc..etc.. who wouldn't want to move to that cool kids song!?...anyway...yes back on track..


Often and very loud

I CRY: Almost every time I watch Extreme Home Makeover...I think because the families usually it makes me follow suit - I can't see someone crying and not start crying myself..even if it is only TV. The other night I was watching Chip Foose on Overhauled on TLC, and he was crying like a baby over a truck that was sentimental to him that he thought had been stolen, but his crew was overhauling it the whole time..anyway, he finds this out finally, and he loses it...and guess what?? I did too. I can't see a grown man cry and not join in..even if it is only about a truck.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: Very good with expressing my feelings to people..I tend to keep it under lock and key somewhere deep inside.... a protective measure more than anything..something I learned growing up.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Art, dinners and a mean point finger that sends all the little kiddies into "obey mommy" mode.

I CONFUSE: Myself easily...wayyyyy to easily.

I NEED: More self discipline and to work on my navagational skills (maps are my enemy)


Be in bed right now
When I feel like it


Ummm yeah...when I feel like it - My dime ;)


deawn said...

I couln't post on the right one here at work. But wanted to say I love the pics. So cute. I emailed you, did you get it??

poody said...

LOL I cry whenever anybody crys. I don't believe in letting people cry alone plus momma always said my bladder is below my eyeballs. I can't watch Extreme Home makeover because I cry so hard I think I am having a heart attack. I am a big baby!!And do not even get me around a sick animal or kid!I'm a goner!