Monday, May 22, 2006

Destination: Cape Vincent, NY

Despite having pulled a muscle in my back this weekend and missing a graduation party and feeling like a total cripple...I'm ecstatic!

Why? Well let me tell you! Friday I was calling around a little bit to hotels/motels in NY asking if they had weekly rates or monthly rates because most likely once we get up to Fort Drum it will be a few months before we get into housing. My main focus was calling places that accepted pets, because I'd really like to keep both of my dogs, even though my husband wants me to get rid of one. So anyway, I found a few motels that did weekly rates of $280..which wasn't awful, but could have been better.

THEN I just happen to call this one place out of curiosity, it was for a 2 bedroom cottage, and in it's ad it just said "pets" - so I called to see what that meant, and how bad the price would be. Well this old lady comes on the phone, and I ask about it, and she looked for a minute, then said

"Well #5 would be good..but you won't like the price"


Me: "oh yeah? How much?"

Her: "$750 a month"

A month? For a WHOLE month?? Seriously? (that's what was going on in my head..I was playing it cool over the phone)

Me: Well I could probably swing that. (jumping up and down)

And the best part of all of this is that she said BOTH of my dogs were ok! She just said I had better clean up after them..which is a given. So I get to keep Chief, my dauschund!! (Andrew doesn't like this, but he'll get over it) :)

Plus the location kicks some mean ass. It's in a town called Cape Vincent that's right on the tip of where the St. Lawrence River and LAKE ONTARIO's beautiful. That's what the pictures are of above. It's of a lighthouse on the edge of town. The other pics are of the St. Lawrence river and what is known as "The Thousand Islands"..which also just looks heavenly.

I already sent the lady half of the first month to verify the reservation, and it's a serious, I'm talking SERIOUS weight off my shoulders.

I mean, when we leave Kansas City in June..we ACTUALLY know where we are going! We're not just winging it and having to figure it all out when we get there, and potentially screwing ourselves. Exhale......

Oh and also, I had anticipated 2-3 months of hell cooped up in a small ass hotel room with 2 stir crazy kids...and instead we are getting a 2 bedroom place..a full size living room, and a kitchen and even a dining room!

For $750 a month. It's a steal. A total find. There are some places around there that charge near that price, for a WEEK.

So yes, I am in a little pain, and my back is kinda killing me..but it doesn't really matter.

There are much better things to think about.

Let's BOOGIE people!

- Did I mention it was only $750 a month?? Is this too good to be true?!?!


Sarah said...

Oh yay yay!! I'm so happy for you!!! It sounds great and you get to keep your doggies!! Whooo hooo!! Good deal for you!

I'm still trying to figure out where I'm going...

Glenda said...

Yes! I'm beyond words! I'm just hoping the bubble doesn't pop too soon if you know what I mean! ;)

It's the worst knowing something is changing, something drastic even, but not knowing any of the your in my thoughts that you too get it figured out soon!

No matter how bad it is, it's better to have something, to plan for than nothing...this I know all too well!

Liz said...

Awesome! That is going to be SO cool. You MUST take tons of photos.

Good job sniffing out the deals.

The Masked Stranger said...

OMG im soooo jealous!!! thats a beautiful area, anywhere along the st lawrence is awesome!!! gahh im not sure whether to tell u abt it or just have you wait and see for yourself

The Masked Stranger said...

oh ya and one more thing...around here for some odd reason we call the great lakes names that start with lake and end with a name like "lake ontario" or "lake erie" or "lake michigan" ontario lake...hehehe

Glenda said...

Shhhhhhh (pretend you didn't see that)

I can't wait to take pictures of it all :)

deawn said...

I so want to come visit while you live there, so wish I could.

Dwain said...

Even if you are not there when I come up next year, you will have to show me the place, k?

So happy you are happppppy!!!

poody said...

that sounds great! What does Andrew have against a weenie dog??? So, when do we get to come visit? LOL