Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Memorial Day was great, we went to the zoo, and all kinds of stuff...


HELL WEEK has begun.

Today has been one hell of a day, and tomorrow is sure to be even worse. The movers might come tomorrow to start packing so today we have been trying to get things ready for that. Last minute stuff like taking down shelves and curtains, ceiling fans, draining the washing machine (plus trying to wash everything before they take it away), as well as draining & cleaning the lawn mower, plus cleaning the grill so they can pack it, scrubbing trash cans...god..the list goes on and on and ON.

Also, trying to pack a suitcase and trying to anticipate what a family of four might need in the next 3-4 months is no easy task. It's a pain in the ass and if I forget something and don't put it aside before the movers pack it up, then I'm just SOL. Plus at the same time I have to keep in mind that we only have so much space in our cars..cause lord forbid I leave something out, then when it comes to packing the car we just can't fit something..that would suck.

So yeah, that would be why I am naming it "hell week".

I might not be able to post in here until next Monday night and we are all settled in at my mother in laws...oh how I will miss my internet! It's like crack you know. hehe

Ok, I better go before it gets dark outside, we still have crap in the garage to get together.

OH!! And what really sucks is that all this work really makes me want a glass of wine (or 3) but then I really can't, cause I can't afford to be feeling like shit...there's just to much work to do and to much things that are at stake if I forget.

The torture!!

When I get to my in-laws I'm going to be a total LUSH -- believe that!! :)


deawn said...

Can I be a one with you?? haha

Anonymous said...

i hope everything works out okay. im sure you wont forget anything important. I wish i could help

Anonymous said...

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