Friday, June 09, 2006


5 days later I finally get a minute to sit down and concentrate on writing something in here...I actually miss crazy as that sounds!

Things have been real chill the past week, but getting a minute to myself so that I can hear my own thoughts has been a bit of a challenge. Every time I do get a sec Andrews been hogging the notebook and playing "Rise of Nations" on it...he has this total complex with taking over the world via his PC, it's pretty funny.

So anyway, now I'm at my in-laws and doing a bunch of nothing. The girls and Andrew have been enjoying the pool, but I'm not much for swimming or tanning, so I've just been taking pictures from the outside, which is fun for me in my own geeky way, lol.

Pretty soon (in about an hour) we are leaving for Andrews dad's lake house. We are staying there until Sunday. He's got a pontoon boat and some wave runners so it should be a blast.

Hmmm. Not much else going on, my brain isn't cooperating with this whole writing thing at the's a blank slate..kinda pissing me of actually! ;)

More on Monday...

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!


deawn said...

I left you a message, really wanted to see you guys before you leave. If I don't get to see you, have a safe trip and I love you!

Josh said...

Hope he has some luck taking over the world. :)