Thursday, April 06, 2006


Wow. I'm speechless. A minute ago I was looking at other people's answers that Sarah tagged, and one of them had a link on their sidebar to The National Sex Offender Public Registry, where you can put in your local zip codes to see those charged such acts in your area. So I put in my zip code, and one of a town right outside one of the gates of Fort Riley, called Ogden. The thing about Ogden, is it's a very small town, no stop lights, and only about 4 blocks before your out of it in any given direction, so when I put in it's zip code I wasn't expecting to see much..but I was wrong. They have 8 registered sex offenders for indecent liberties with a child, or for aggravated sexual battery. This is just plain unsettling. Who would have thought? I really am too naive sometimes I guess.

There were also 2 on Fort Riley (probably not anymore, I'm sure the Army kicked them out..or I would hope so at least) but the population to who lives on post, to that of Ogden is probably triple or more, so based on a average I guess it's not that bad.

I will make a point of talking to my 9 yr old about it when she gets home from school, because it's easy to assume that your completely safe in a small town, or living on base, but in reality, you just never know who's lurking around, and you have to keep your gaurd up.

It's a valuable site to know about, and a great service they provide, all you have to do is put the zip codes of question in, and there you have it, a list of names, and even a picture of them, and of the charge.



Dwain said...

Wow I checked out that site and their are 4 here in this small town. Good part is I don't know any of them, as that would be strange knowing if I knew tham. But I do know their names now so thats good.

Dwain said...

hey I like the video and the song too. sounds so 80s. lol

deawn said...

I have went to that website before, its so scary.

Anonymous said...

well the good thing is in the town i live in, theres only 1 and in the 2 towns closest there isnt any, but in the city im closest to theres over 200 and i think it came up with 20 or so in my old neighborhood...*shivers*

Glenda said... definitely opens your eyes a little wider.

Like I wasn't paranoid enough..hah

Josh said...

I check my local PD site all the ime too looking at the pictures. I always wonder if one day I'll see someone I know.