Thursday, April 13, 2006

6 weird facts/things/habits about me!

I've been tagged again! I don't really mind though, cause I really have nothing else to blog about today. My week has been cool and very productive with the exception of Tuesday. Physically productive though..not mentally productive. Derrrr.

Anyway, back on the subject - I actually totally luck out on this one because earlier this year I did a post called "10 weird things about Glenda", so basically all I have to do is pick out my top 6. Easy enough :)

I'm lazy, so I just copied Sarah's "Rules", so here they are!! -

Here are the rules:

1. Reveal 6 weird facts/things/habits about yourself and then tag 6 people.

2. Leave a "You're tagged" comment to let people know you have
tagged them. They must reveal 6 things (or the entire blogosphere
will explode and it will be all their fault)

3. Leave me a comment letting me know you have completed your mission
(should you choose to accept it)

And here I go..I'll try and keep this short :

1. I'm still, and probably always will be obsessed with the smell of Pinesol. It actually has a great way of calming my nerves.

2. Kind of a spin off of #1, I have a little phobia about germs and dust mites. I wash my hands at least 15 or more times a day, wash my sheets at least once a week, vacuum my curtains, etc etc...and don't even get me started on bathrooms.

3. I love cold food. Most of the time better than anything warm/or hot. Especially cold soup.

4. I constantly bite my lip through out the day. If I'm nervous/excited about something, it's even worse.

5. I'm a grinder (my teeth that is)

6. Balloons freak me out. They are so damn unpredictable! I hate the "POP!" that comes out of nowhere.

Now for the tags. I'm going to choose 6 people that I would genuinely love to hear about their weirdness...Basically to get to know them better and all that fun stuff. The only catch is that one of them doesn't have a blog anymore, so I'm kind of breaking the rules!

1. Deawn (come on sis..ya gotta answer one of these!)
2. Damon (Cause you also passed up my last tag! Plus you're so would be cool to hear something like this out of you ;))
3. Tim (because it's fun learning about Tim!)
4. Dwain (He doesn't have a blog..but I'm still curious)

5. Linsy (I doubt she'll do it..but I had to try)
6. Blair (" " " " " " " " " " " " ")


Sarah said...

Yey Glenda!! Wow, I do all the same things!! Well, except for the pinesol. Everything else though, I'm right there with you! The teeth grinding, the washing hands and being neurotic about germs, cold food and cold soup, bite my lip and the inside of my cheek, and balloons! I think I need to make a bigger list of weird things about me...

Another interesting one is, I hate paper towels. They give me the "finger nails down a blackboard" feeling every time I touch them. Napkins in restaurants too. I won't go anywhere near them!!

Josh said...

I have balloon trepidation too! That’s what I call it. hahaha I get pretty tense if a kid has one and is messing with it. I had an awful TV dinner the other day that I swear tasted just like Pinesol. Maybe you would have liked it :D

Dwain said...

I can't think of 6 weird things right now. Hewww???

I like the smell of gas, I guess thats weird huh?

some people might think that I believe in a spirit world as weird.

germs don't bother be at all and death does not scare me or worry me. I've lived longer than I ever thought I would is why I guess.

I like storms, bigger the better. Haven't been in a big one since I was young, but like to watch the sky during the storm. Have watch stuff fly down the street before while others hid, lol.

Thats all I got. If I can think of something else will let you know.

Anonymous said...

Ok sis I guess I will leave my 6 weird facts/things and habits since I passed the last one. here they are:
1. Like Dwain, I love the smell of gasoline. Can't really explain it, it just smells good I guess!!

2. I too grind my teeth! Chaney is always waking me up at night to tell me to stop. She says I am so loud that it wakes her up.

3. I don't mind heights but don't really like them. I not afraid of the heights just the impact of the fall.

4. I tend to bite my nails when I am think about things. Another habit that Chaney is on me about!!

5. Like Dwain, I love storms and the bigger the better. I can sleep like a baby during a big storm. I also love to leave a window open when it rains and listen to it as I fall asleep.

6. I dislike swimming in a pool by myself. Not sure why but it just make me wonder why I am the only one in the pool. Might be some type of creature in there!!

Since you tagged the people I would I will leave that one out!! Talk to you later sis!! Hey email about this coming weekend!! C-ya!!

Glenda said...

Yay! I'm glad you shared!!

I guess I like the smell of gasoline too, but not near as much as pinesol, hehe.

I am pitiful when it comes to heights. Even when I play Mario, and it's in a level thats high in the stomach gets totally queasy..its that bad!!

oh..and I'll be sending an email your way's on my "to-do" list :)

Anonymous said...

hah I wasnt tagged!!! woo hoo!!!!

TC said...

*I find myself flicking my fingers nervously sometimes. Like flicking a bug or whatnot, only all of my fingers with my thumb.
*I can't "deal" with cross-eyed people. I know it's not PC to say, but while I could share a drink with a jungle animal I feel uneasy in a room with a cross-eyed person. Sorry.
*I too like the smell of diesel fuel. Whenever we would take bus trips in school I would dig getting out and smelling that fuel-a-burnin'!
*Yeah, heights too. Balloons about to pop, yeah. Big storms, oh yes.
If so many people like/do the same things are they still classified "weird"? :)