Sunday, February 26, 2006


I really need to stop playing with my hair and coloring it at home..almost every time I do, I mess it up and end up having to get some color remover stuff.

One would think the first time this happened it would be the last...but NOOOOOO. That would be too easy, and I'm not known for making things easy on myself.

So yesterday, I wanted to do something "funky" something artsy damnit. So I dyed my tips black..and the underside of my hair black...and then put some streaks in like highlights. Yeahhhhh.

It's not permanent, but it's already's looking real bad, real dull, not at all what I was thinking. It looked cool when I first did it..but the more I look at it, the more I'm disgusted. (the pics above aren't too bad..but now it's like a dark dingy grey) UGGGH

In my efforts to wash it out..I've faded my whole head of hair.

My poor hair. :(

In black and white I'm fine though. hah. I look like I could totally kick some ass in this picture..I love it!


Anonymous said...

I like your pout face. Makes me smile. It is the twisted side of me though. Gets the biggest rise out of me when people cry. So, the hair was cute too. Its too bad you can't get it right, but you're not an idiot. So, I was here.

Glenda said...

Yeah, I had to change the title of the post, I didn't like the word "idiot" looming right over my head!

Still, it wasn't the smartest move.

And your not nearly as harsh as you come off...I mean I hope not...eeek! I've never seen you get sick pleasure from seeing me cry...although maybe you were laughing inside.

That's a scary thought!

Maybe I do want that divorce..hehe...kidding...KIDDINg..