Friday, January 20, 2006


These past few days I've been seriously slacking...with you know, day to day stuff. The motivation hasn't really been there, so everything from the stock of food in my house, to the mail in my mailbox has been neglected.

Food in this house is pretty scarce, unless you count frozen chicken and v8. I've raided the pantry of all my options, so today I have to make the dreaded trip to the commissary. Grocery shopping really isn't my thing...ok shopping in general isn't.

If I could do it all online, I wouldn't have a problem with it though.

Oh yeah, and nothing good comes out of my mailbox half the time anyway, so I haven't been in any hurry to empty it. It will probably just be a lot of advertisements trying to convince me to come out and shop, but we've established this isn't really my yeah.

My main motivation for going grocery shopping today is I'm out of my creamer, and I need to go get some Starbucks "Sumatra" blend coffee from's the shiiittttt. The kids need some food too, so there's a tiny bit of motivation there too, but just a smidge.

Anyway, if you come away from reading this post feeling like I've stolen some brain cells away from you, I do sincerely apologize.

Unfortunately that's all I have for now ;)

Life has been a bit boring lately.

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seeingdouble said...

Good luck at the commissary! LOL I don't mind going mid-pay period, it's those payday crowds I hate!!