Friday, December 09, 2005

I'm just a girl..

I'm back..and thinking solo road trips aren't really my thing.

In many areas I pride myself on not falling into typical stereo-types regarding women, but with driving & navigation, I fail miserably. It's just not my thing!

Usually things I do don't require tons of effort, they seem to come naturally, and aren't super challenging, just enjoyable.

When I'm driving and trying to find a particular exit to get me where I'm going, my eyes bug out, I grip my steering wheel like I'm holding it down, and I have to keep referring to my directions every 2 minutes just to remind myself what I'm looking for again. And then I still end up having to turn around and try again at least once.

Oh yes...Glenda was at wits end and wanted to cry like a baby many times on my way up to Alabama.

I love what I saw of Alabama though. I saw all the trees, and I was sold.

No offense to anyone I know (or don't know) but I need to get out of Kansas. Some places feel like home....and some places don't. Some places warm your soul...some don't. Kansas does nothing for me, and when I say nothing, I mean it doesn't do anything bad either, I mean literally nothing. It doesn't do for me what some places do. It numbs me. Does that make any sense?

I love the small town thing, and I really don't want to be in the middle of a big city..a small town (or island) with an ocean close by, or a forest, or both...would work great.


You know your broke when you have to wait until the 15th to go Christmas shopping. It's so pitiful, it's funny. Honestly, just writing it makes me giggle a little bit. The money situation will be looking up very soon too, so that alone is comforting and makes it easier to swallow right now.

How's everyone else doing out there with the holiday season? Has the spirit hit you?

I might not have that much money this year, but the Christmas spirit is filling me more this year then any in the recent past. It makes me smile.


Dwain said...

I know how you feel about Kansas I use to feel that way myself, but now that I am old or older and been around Kansas is my home. Is the picture of your tree? it looks great and like you I'm more into the season this year. To be honest I think you being in my life has something to do with it. Love you

linsy said...

well i am proud of you for getting there. god knows what i would have done in that situation. considering i am the worst direction follower. haha. i know what you mean about having no money. it sucks, this is the first year i have a job and i get paid one more time before christmas and that is my spending money. it sucks. but i am thinking th little things are what will mean the most. so whatever i can afford with be good enough. atleast i am trying right? i think so. :)
well i am glad you made it back and glad to see you are getting in the christmas spirit. have you and andy decided if you are going to stay home this christmas or do the whole opening presents thing at our house again? just curious.

well i am done rambling. talk to you later. love you