Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Back on track: Installing my MP3 player in my Toyota Matrix

Like I said in my last post regarding this, there is an accessory you can buy, that will hook up to your factory stereo, or any other stereo that doesn't have input jacks.

Here's a link to the device that fits in my car, but keep note that this manufacture makes different models for different cars too.

The frustrating thing was that even though I knew these parts were out there, I still went to 4 different car audio shops, only to hear that they either didn't exist and wouldn't' work, or to just get a FM tuner (yuck), or they would have to call around to see about it. (still no rude)

For men that work with car audio, it surprised me how much they didn't know about this option.

Most people think they have to get a new stereo to add a device to their car, and most car audio shops, or even Best Buy aren't about to stop you from shelling out some more cash in their favor. But I'm here to tell you, you can get these things, and save at least $100 or more in the process. Plus, if your factory stereo looks cool like mine did, it's cool to be able to keep it in there and still be able to have the option of adding whatever you want.

So anyway, on to the good stuff!

I took a $25 Belkin cup holder/ cradle for handheld devices, and I made it fit my top consoles vent! As you'll see in the pics, I just hollowed out the bottom of it, leaving just enough to hold the stem that the cradle screws unto..that way it doesn't interfere with any air flow.

So here's what it started out as..and what I did:

And what I ended up with.. (sorry, it's a little blurry)

And then the best news of all!!! I got the part I ordered today, and am happy to say it's all installed and sounds GREAT!! It didn't come with the best instructions, but I put on my thinking cap and it all worked out.

I'm still in awe of myself, hehe.'s the part, and the back of my stereo and what went on - The 2 empty ports on the right are for the cables that are still in the car..I assume they are your stereo wires, and power etc. The 2 ports on the left are where I plugged in the interface. Only one of the connecters fit, but as it turns out, it only needed one.

And here's the final product! Which I think looks awesome!! Not too mention the sound quality and how easy it is to operate while I'm driving :)

Oh yeah, by the way.....I AM for hire :)

Also, Crutchfield gave me a referral code to give out, so that if this (or anything else they carry) interests you, you can enter it when you check out and save $20 off your order!! (You have to spend at least $200 though..bummer)

Of course they also let me save $20 on my next we both win:)

The referral code is:



Anonymous said...

nice looks cool...u have a matrix?

Glenda said...

Sure do. Love it. Why?