Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ants & Eyeballs & Cookies (let the fun begin!)

It got down to 22°F last night, and yet I still saw some ants crawling aimlessly around on my kitchen counter, starry eyed as if they were shopping in the bakery isle at your local Walmart.

{this strikes me as a little strange}

Talk about posting some useless information. Ahhh well, eat your heart out blog critics of the world. At least I didn't go into how I organize my pantry shelves or something; that would be way worse. Trust me on that one.

Tomorrow I have to go to a doctors appointment, just to get referred to another doctor. I need to see an ophthalmologist, and they don't offer specialized physicians like that at our medical center on post. Most army bases don't offer much more than labor and delivery, and your status quo health clinics; so for anything that requires a little depth, they give you a referral to a private physician or local hospital. When I called the appointment line, I mentioned that I knew I was going to need a referral, but they insisted I still go and put in some face time to get that privilege -- I guess they were afraid of making it too easy?

I've had a cyst that's been hanging out inside my upper eyelid for years (over 15 that I know of), that's never been visible just by looking, you could only tell it was there by really feeling around. Lately I've noticed that it's starting to show a little bulge from the outside, which means it's either getting bigger, or has dropped down, or some other weird thing. It worries me a little, because I can't find much good news about what it might be on the net - most of what I find leads me to think it might be a small tumor. All common sense says it shouldn't be anything to worry about because I've had it for so long, but I'll rest a little easier once a professional tells me that news.

I've actually had it looked at before, and even then it stumped the eye doctors, but again, since it hadn't changed in size, they weren't terribly worried about it. Now, since it's changing I figure it might be worth looking into.

Unfornately I have to see a doctor, just to wait god knows how long for an appointment for the right doctor..hence my frustration. It's one of those things where not knowing is always worse than knowing. The mind is a great tool for inventing and re-inventing possible scenarios, which can lead to a little bit of insanity if it goes on for to long.

Anyway...I have some sugar cookies to go make, and the ingredients are all singing me a beautiful chorus to clue me in on their anticipation of becoming one and turning into something very yummy....which is making it very hard to concentrate at the moment. :)

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