Wednesday, September 07, 2005



I switched back to a default template, it's kind of bland, but my other template was acting wiggy. Rather than spend hours trying to figure out why - TADA!

It's cool tinkering with base templates though, so in a few days (or sooner) it might not look as bland. Unless I decide I like bland..which is totally possible :)


  • It's 1am and I'm about to stop tinkering. I added the key and lock image and the footer bar & background....not too shabby :) Changed the font at the top too -- I love it.
  • I think I'm getting a cold. How'd that happen?
  • Jordis left Rock Star:INXS tonight. She looked pretty sad about it, but I wasn't too upset over's just the sooner she can get to work on an album of her own :)

    Anyway, gotta get to bed. Peace out.

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